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Bologna, 13th-15th June 2019




Biografilm Festival - International Celebration of Lives is hosting the fifth edition of Bio to B – Doc & Biopic Business Meeting (14th-16th June 2018, Bologna – Italy), the annual event dedicated to cinema professionals coming from all over Europe for three days of networking and business. Willing to promote and support Italian and European productions of documentaries, biographies and biopics, Biografilm Festival is also very pleased to announce a partnership with DOK LEIPZIG- International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film.

18 selected projects, rough cut or work in progress, were selected among the best emerging or established European filmmakers and will be presented and evaluated by an international Jury, with the possibility to be awarded three grants: Best European Project, Best Italian Project, Best Project from Emilia-Romagna.



Bio to B - Doc&Biopic Business Meeting 2018 winners:


Best European Project


Once Aurora by Stian Servoss and Benjamin Langeland, produced by Thorvald Nilsen


Best Italian Project


The Lone Girl by Marco Amenta, produced by Simonetta Amenta - Euro Film


Best Emilia-Romagna Project


Kemp by Edoardo Gabbriellini, produced by Ilaria Malagutti - Mammut Film


DOK Leipzig Award


In a Future April by Federico Savonitto, Francesco Costabile, produced by Altreforme in collaboration with Centro Studi Pier Paolo Pasolini, Cinemazero, AAMOD






Download Bio to B 2018 catalogue

Download Bio to B 2018 programme



For this year Emiliodoc - Il documentario in Emilia-Romagna is following Bio to B every day (june 14th - 16th): news, posts and interviews for a 360 degrees experience!


Guest Catalogue Bio to B 2018


  • Catherine Le Clef, Cat&Docs
  • Louis Balsan, Films Boutique
  • Diana Karklin, Rise&Shine
  • Hussain Currimbhoy, Sundance Film Festival
  • Anais Clanet, Wide House


  • Cristina Piscitelli, Apulia Film Commission
  • Fabio Abagnato, Emilia-Romagna Film Commission
  • Alessandra Miletto, Film Commission Valle d’Aosta
  • Gianluca Novel, FVG Film Commission
  • Andrea Rocco, Genova Liguria Film Commission
  • Stefania Ippoliti, Italian Film Commission
  • Cristina Priarone, Italian Film Commission
  • Michaela Guenzi, Lombardia Film Commission
  • Anna Olivucci, Marche Film Commission
  • Tina Bianchi, Roma Lazio Film Commission
  • Nevina Satta, Sardegna Film Commission
  • Alessandro Rais, Sicilia Film Commission
  • Paolo Manera, Torino Piemonte Film Commission
  • Raffaella Conti, Toscana Film Commission
  • Luca Ferrario, Trentino Film Commission


  • Leena Pasanen, DOK Leipzig
  • Alberto Lastrucci, Festival dei Popoli
  • Antonio Pezzuto, Giornate degli Autori - Venice Days
  • Marco Spagnoli, MIA - Mercato Internazionale Audiovisivo


  • Stefano Mutolo, Berta Film
  • Steve Luccisano, Blue Penguin Film
  • Alexandra Reveyrand-de Menthon, Charades
  • Olivier Tornaud, Cinephil
  • Francesca Breccia, Coccinelle Film Placement 
  • Marco Urizzi, Eye on Films
  • Themba Bhebhe, Flourishing Films
  • Nathalie Jeung, Le Pacte
  • Francesca Moino, Minerva Pictures
  • Giulia Casavecchia, True Colours


  • Alessia Ratzenberger, ADR Distribution
  • Erika Scandone, ADR Distribution
  • Antonio Giugliano, Bunker Hill
  • Andrea Cirla, Film Rouge Media
  • Dario Bonazelli, I Wonder Pictures
  • Lucrezia Foscari, Movieday
  • Luca Malgara, Movieday
  • Anastasia Plazzotta, Wanted


  • Luca Bersaglia, Fox
  • Valerio Selle, La2Doc
  • Francesca Baiardi, LaEffe
  • Luca Bertoncini, Mediaset
  • Giada Masina, Mediaset
  • Giacomo Poletti, Mediaset
  • Fabio Mancini, Doc3 Rai 3
  • Laura Nicotra, Rai Cinema
  • Guido Casali, Sky
  • Luca Pelusi, Sky
  • Roberto Pisoni, Sky ARTE HD
  • Carla Vulpiani, TIWI


  • Enza Negroni, DER
  • Agnese Fontana, DOC/IT
  • Fulvia Orifici, DOC/IT
  • Marco Visalberghi, DOC/IT
  • Simona Nobile, EWA Network
  • Simone Catania, Indyca
  • Simona Agnoli, Istituto Luce Cinecittà
  • Sarah Bellinazzi, Creative Europe Desk Italy - MEDIA
  • Silvia Sandrone, Creative Europe Desk Italy - MEDIA


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