by Ruben Monterosso, Federico Savonitto

Biografilm Italy

(Italy / 2017 / 56’)

Mount Pellegrino, which dominates the coastal horizon of Palermo, is not only a haven of biodiversity, dotted with caves that were inhabited in the Paleolithic era. It is also the ‘home’ of Santa Rosalia, the patron saint of the city. Her sanctuary is the central place of worship for the city and a pilgrimage destination. Not only for Christians: in fact, the holy place brings together a whole spectrum of congregations of Tamil, African and Romani communities. Through the colours, fragrances, songs and traditions, surrounded by the innocence and occasionally tackiness of "blessed" objects, we find in this evocative coastline a microcosm of unexpected harmony, with its characters and ways of life, in a spectrum of identities that could well be the key to a peaceful utopia.

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