Guerrilla Staff

The Guerrilla Staff is the essential team of volunteers who make up the vibrant heart of Biografilm every year.

The desire to be involved in the organization of the festival, to get on board and to put their love for cinema at disposal, distinguish each one of the Guerrilla team, together with the dedication that every year is shown in the fundamental roles for the realization of a successful event like Biografilm.
Every moment they spend is essential to the realisation of the kermesse, and Biografilm takes pride in making the Guerrilla team's experience memorable by providing access to screenings and side events. Participating in Biografilm as Guerrilla Staff means not only training professionally, but also having the unique opportunity to take part in special events, meet leading personalities from the world of the seventh art and make new friends.





Marketing and cerimonial office: The activities of the marketing office allow the greatest involvement in the event as a whole as they go through numerous initiatives to enhance collaborations with Institutions and important sponsors and partners of the event. Those in this team will be able to gain with a true formative experience: organizing events, distributing materials, these are just some of the activities that you will be called upon to manage. Requisites? A spirit of initiative, a desire to get stuck in and knack for problem solving.

Set up and logistics: the tasks are the most varied: we move from setting up the locations to the resolution of the most unexpected emergencies, but with the joy and dynamism that has always distinguished this group.

Desk Information / Reception: the most suitable role for those who love contact with the public. Those part of this team will have the task of setting up the desk with the daily events program and information material, welcoming visitors, managing the distribution of the Biografilm Card, and providing people with all the information about the events and transmitting a sense of passion and curiosity for the Festival.

Photo/Video Journalismcalling all photographers and aspiring filmmakers. Those in this team will be constantly on the move: you will be sent over to events to capture golden moments and document the festival as it’s underway, producing material that will go closest to live as possible. You will need to already have the necessary equipment. Enthusiasm, initiative, and a readiness to be available are the best assets for being able to be in the right place at the right time and truly be the eyes of Biografilm Festival.

Ushers: a sense of responsibility, patience and a smile are the fundamental qualities for Guerrillas in this team, called upon to handle the most complex and exciting moments of the Festival. Ushers will make sure to uphold the value of the best possible viewing conditions for the films, providing the public with wide-ranging information about the films presented during the festival, managing access and checking the guests’ accreditation, liaising with the projection booth in order to ensure the smooth running of Biografilm’s film program and to make the spectators feel comfortable.

Hospitality / Guest Services: Do you want to meet the national and international guests of Biografilm? By joining this team, you will take care of everything that has to do with their feeling welcome. It is essential to speak and write fluently in English or another foreign language​​ and it is also important to be able to master a certain degree of patience: you never know what adventurous requests might spring from the guests that pass each year from Biografilm.

Communication office: Are you interested in how  communication (social and press office) within a major festival event like Biografilm? This is the sector for you! Being curious and proactive will certainly be the best way to make the experience more complete and educational. Some of the potential tasks will be looking after the press reviews, participating at the meetings with journalists and guests like press conferences and finally supporting the social activies of the festival.

Green: as you know, environmental sustainability issues are becoming increasingly central to the global scene, and Biografilm is working hard to implement various strategies to be as less impactful as possible. As Guerrilla Staff you will be called to be the voice of these good practices, with the aim of raising awareness about reducing waste, recycling operation, and conveying the importance of respecting our planet.


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