20 April 2023

Stories of Women and Tenacity

Biografilm champions the lives of women, showcasing their bravery and giving voice to their ordinary and extraordinary stories of struggle, tenacity and freedom.

Such is the case with these first three announced titles:

Houria by Mounia Meddour (Beyond Fiction): a young woman with a passion for ballet tries to overcome a trauma thanks to the support of an all-female community. Horuia, a symbol of courage and rebirth, also represents the new face of Biografilm 2023.

Sconosciuti Puri by Valentina Cicogna and Mattia Colombo (International Competition): Dr. Cristina Cattaneo is committed every day to guarantee the right to dignity of corpses with no identity. At the film's presentation, the festival will present Dr. Cristina Cattaneo with the Celebration Of Lives Award.

Candy by Carin Goeijers (Biografilm Art & Musi): the famous Dutch saxophonist Candy Dulfer decides to reinvent herself on the occasion of her 50th birthday through new paths.


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