25 August 2023

Biografilm starts collaboration with Bookciak competition

Biografilm starts collaboration with Bookciak competition
in the sign of inclusion:
the younsters of the Juvenile Jail of Bologna
will be among the protagonists
of the pre-opening event of Giornate degli Autori in Venice

Bookciak and Biografilm begin a collaboration in the name of inclusion: a group of youngsters of the Juvenile Jail of Bologna, who have been part of Biografilm Youth Jury for 3 years, awarded the Forza Maggiore prize of the short films competition Bookciak, Azione!, competition conceived and directed by Gabriella Gallozzi and pre-opening event of Venice Film Festival section Giornate degli Autori which rewards bookciaks: experimental shorts inspired by books made by young filmmakers.

The award will be announced on August 29 in Sala Laguna, during the evening pre-opening ceremony of the Giornate degli Autori of the Venice Film Festival, with a short video made together with the young inmates and directed by Nicola Baita.

After watching a selection of the short films awarded in the last 12 years of Bookciak, the youngsters from the juvenile jail of Bologna have decided to award:

La memoria del corpo (Body Memory) animation short film directed by 20 students of Italian National Animation School CSC Animazione Piemonte (Irene Frizzera, Alessandra Quaroni, Francina Ramos, Gabriele Bollassa, Veronica Martiradonna, Luca Passafaro, Giorgia Bonora, Andra Filippetti, Gabriele Scudiero, Lorenzo Bosi, Lucia Schimmenti; Andrea Falzone, Gaia Rizzi, Giorgia Ubaldi, Arianna Binaghi, Alessandra Piras, Tess Tagliaferro, Maria Cristina Fiore, Emilia Gozzano, Alessandro Spedicato), coordinated by the teacher Eva Zurbriggen. The animated short is freely inspired by the homonymous collection of poems by Antonella Sica (Rayuela Edizioni).

These are the reasons for this Bookciak Forza Maggiore Award: “we award La memoria del corpo because this film represents for us self-recognition, which is important because the more we know each other the more we are masters of ourselves and thus we can give ourselves the opportunity to change. If you listen with serenity to all parts of you, you get to know yourself. And getting to know yourself allows you to have solid ties with yourself and with other people.

The Bookciak Forza Maggiore Award will be delivered by Chiara Boschiero, head of educational projects at the Biografilm Festival, in the presence of the criminal mediator Elena Torelli and the filmmakers Nicola Baita and Lucia Magnifico who participated as facilitators in the cinema workshops inside the juvenile jail of Bologna.
But it doesn't end there! In June 2024 Biografilm will host the winning shorts of this XII edition of Bookciak, Azione! awarded by the jury headed by Nichi Vendola, supported by Wilma Labate, Teresa Marchesi and Gianluca Arcopinto. The bookciaks will be part of the official programming of Biografilm, marrying the common goal of bringing the public every year quality cinema focused on "stories to stay human".

The experience of jurors for the young boys detained in the IPM of Bologna is the arrival point of a more articulated participatory process, which Biografilm has been carrying out for 3 years with the project Tutta un’altra storia(A whole another story), conceived by Chiara Boschiero and developed at the inside the Biografilm Campus education department.

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