22 April 2024

Biografilm celebrates World Earth Day

Since its first edition, Biografilm has been committed to environmental sustainability and aims to celebrate the beauty of our planet by screening films focused on the environment.

Cinema can play its part in saving the Earth. The ecological risks we are facing and all the battles to save the planet are also being spread and echoed through films.

On World Earth Day, Biografilm wants to look back at some of the titles from past editions that have addressed issues related to the environment, animals at risk of extinction, natural resources, and living conditions on our wonderful planet:

  • An inconvenient sequel: Truth to power - Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk  (Biografilm 2017)
  • Aquarela - Victor Kossakovsky  (Biografilm 2019)
  • The last male on Earth - Floor Van der Meulen  (Biografilm 2019)
  • Earth: Muted - Asa Ekman, Oscar Hedin and Mikael Kristersson  (Biografilm 2021)
  • La Grande Opera - Corrado Punzi  (Biografilm 2022)


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