31 May 2023

Identity through the Biografilm 2023 movies

Now in its 19th year, the festival looks at women's rights, the evolving world of work and the complex relationship between memory and origins, under the banner of "being and having" to bring the gaze from abstract to everyday politics.

Awards Ceremony with the Italian premiere of Jerry Lee Lewis: Trouble in Mind by Ethan Coen.

Celebration of Lives to directors Nicolas Philibert and Roberta Torre and Dr. Cristina Cattaneo.

Biografilm Festival, which will be held in Bologna June 9-19 and available throughout Italy on MYmovies, returns for its 19th edition with a rich selection featuring some of the most important voices in contemporary documentary filmmaking to narrate the very foundations of humanity.


There are 83 films scheduled in the various sections of the Festival's Official Selection, 60 premieres including 17 world premieres. The International Competition is an opportunity to discover the most recent and interesting documentary productions from all over the world, while the Biografilm Italia competitive section allows to discover the best documentary filmmakers in Italy. Contemporary Lives, with a selection of European works, shows fresh looks at the most pressing current issues. The Biografilm Art & Music section also returns, featuring the infinite and multiple nuances of love for art. Beyond Fiction - Beyond Fiction, dedicated to fiction and hybrid films, aims to push the boundary between fiction and documentary. Biografilm 2023 also hosts a tribute to visual artist Rä di Martino.


Also returning, as per tradition, are the Celebration of Lives Awards, the prizes Biografilm Festival gives to people whose lives and work have made an important mark on contemporary history. The awards will be given to directors Nicolas Philibert and Roberta Torre and to Dr. Cristina Cattaneo


At its nineteenth edition, Biografilm Festival, with its unique selection on the Italian scene, aims to be a window to understand contemporaneity from a strongly collective perspective, pushing beyond geographical, genre and format boundaries through films that invite questions about the present and one's role in society. To best tell the story of this edition's rich program, thematic paths have been designed indicated by dedicated Labels in the Festival program. 

Women Pioneers of Freedom offers a multitude of looks at the condition of women and the transformation of the struggles to protect their rights. 

Houria, the protagonist of Mounia Meddour's film of the same name, the representative image of this edition of Biografilm, regains her freedom thanks to the solidarity of a group of women. 

Roots and Memory looks at humanity's past experience to trace what makes every human such. With Pure Unknowns, directors Mattia Colombo and Valentina Cicogna show the efforts of Dr. Cristina Cattaneo, who fights every day to ensure the dignity of the nameless bodies that arrive in her autopsy room. As previously announced, she will receive the Celebration of Lives Award at the film's Italian premiere. 

Many titles among music, art and literature, with the international premiere being Carin Goeijers' Candy about the famous Dutch saxophonist Candy Dulfer on the occasion of her 50th birthday. 

Identity, values, work puts work at the center of several titles at the festival. Among them Erik Gandini's After Work rethinks the role of work as central to our existence.
Community Beyond Utopia, on the other hand, looks at the link between society and architecture, both on a more realistic and applicable level and on a more utopian one. 

Searching for the truth seeks to shed light on the shadowy areas of our present. 

Searching for Possible Lives shows the different paths, whether these are geographical or life, that open before humankind. Rheingold by Fatih Akin (the director will be present at Biografilm), is the story of Xatar, who went from being a drug dealer to a family man, musician and entrepreneur. 

Along the way you are going to be is about growing up and the future of the new generations.


Biografilm 2023 also dedicates a special space to several films on the inseparable relationship that binds cinema and literature with the Cinema and Literature | BPER Bank Playlist, which contains documentaries dedicated to the world of publishing, to great authors who have marked the current landscape and works that push the boundary between the two art forms.


As previously announced, Biografilm opens on June 9 with the Italian premiere of Sur l'Adamant by Nicolas Philibert, later in Italian theaters in the fall with I Wonder Pictures.

The Festival closes on June 19 with the Italian premiere of Jerry Lee Lewis: Trouble in Mind by Ethan Coen, a journey into the music and life of one of the founding fathers of rock and roll.

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