by Sonia Kronlund

International Competition

(Francia, Germania / 2017 / 85’)

Salim Shaheen makes films. Actually, he makes a lot of films: with over 110 film credits, almost all in the multiple role of director, producer and actor, he is one of the most prolific filmmakers in Afghanistan. He has two great strengths: an intense passion for everything he does and a cast - always the same - of eccentric and totally out of control actors! This quirky bunch, a ragtag army of Z-movie makers, is on a promo tour for its films, capitalising on time by filming yet another one while on the road. But what is the strength needed to keep dreaming while there are bombs are exploding outside? For the past thirty years, Salim has doggedly pursued his childhood dream: to become a storyteller in an ever-warring land - most certainly no Hollywood, nor Bollywood. But, then again, one can quite happily settle for being the Prince of Nothingwood...