Funeralopolis : a suburban portrait

by Alessandro Redaelli

Biografilm Italy

(Italy / 2017 / 94’)

The shadows of the subway and the suburban fog, deserted parks and stations, rave parties and neon-lit venues open till dawn: it is the city beneath the city, the no man’s land of the last anti-heroes. Vash, Pez, Athos and fellow addicts prowl through the city’s sinister night, finding lonely solace in drugs. Some endure life, while others just go along with it, like everyone else. Funeralopolis tells of a underground microcosm, a parallel and extreme reality that will, in its chilling ending, have to be reckoned with. The result of two years’ work exploring the most extreme conditions, the film takes us on a journey, without exaggerating nor sugarcoating, to the end of the night.

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