Fonderia 39

by Nico Guidetti

Biografilm Art

(Italy / 2017 / 96’)

It used to be a metal foundry, now it is forging ideas: Fonderia 39, in Reggio Emilia, is home to the National Dance Foundation’s Aterballetto Company, a flagship of the city's cultural life and artistic experience of international standard. Since its original industrial days, as part of the Lombardini Motori complex, the Fonderia has become a temple of creativity. In an homage to the establishment, Reggio Emilia-born director Nico Guidetti leads us through three chapters, named after the three halls - Forge, Fusion and Formation - to meet those whose daily efforts contribute to the successes of Aterballetto: from dancers to seamstresses, from photographers to young musicians, into a rich profusion of experimentation of the body and mind.


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