14 April 2022

David Grossman arrives at Biografilm

The long-awaited film Grossman, by Adi Arbel, whose director and protagonist will be present in Bologna on June 18th, is the central focus of "playlist film and writers".

This is the key event of the "playlist film and writers”, an across-the-board thematic route through which the Festival explores the interweaving of audiovisual language with literature, in partnership with BPER Banca. Biografilm 2022 offers its public stories about writing, male and female writers who can leave a mark on society that goes far beyond the pages of a book.

Among others, it has already been announced the tribute "Gianni Celati il poeta del documentario”, which proposes to the audience the film of an expert of the word.

Three more titles make up the play-list. At Biografilm Italy, A noi rimane il mondo by Armin Ferrari, shows the pervasion of the creative work of the militant writers' collective Wu Ming. Among others, Wu Ming 1, Wu Ming 2 and Wu Ming 4 will be attending the screening.

In the section "Biografilm Art & Music", Loving Highsmith by Eva Vitija sheds light on Patricia Highsmith's life, the great American writer who was in constant search of her identity. She wrote more than twenty novels, many of which have been adapted for film, such as Strangers on a train - from which Alfred Hitchcock made the film of the same title: The other man; The talented Mr. Ripley, which was brought on the big screen by René Clément, Wim Wenders and Anthony Minghella; Carol, a semi-autobiographical novel adapted for film by the director Todd Haynes.

In the same section, "Biografilm Art & Music", Paul Auster by Sabine Lidl, shows the political and poetic sides of the writer across seventy years of history of the United States of America.