Vite non calcolate

by Ermanno Cavazzoni, Sergio Maifredi

Biografilm Italia

World Premiere

Genre: doc/fiction


(Italy / 2023 / 52’)

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A disgraced former professor in search of his place in the world boards a train and finds himself in Genoa. Here, he ends up at Boschetto, an ancient abbey that houses homeless people. The man asks himself: is everything in life already written, or is destiny an accident? Listening to the lives of others, he emerges reborn, ready to live what remains of his life. Ermanno Cavazzoni's poetic and existential reflections are combined with and nourished by the stories of the 'uncalculated lives' we encounter in this human journey.

In collaboration with the Methodist Church of Bologna and Modena and the Waldensian Diaconia