by Jonas Poher Rasmussen

Biografilm On The Square @Catstel Maggiore

(Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Italy, France, Finland, Spain, Slovenia, USA, Estonia / 2021 / 89’)

Amin is 36 years old, lives in Denmark, is an established university lecturer and is about to marry his partner. But just before the wedding, the past comes back to visit him, making him retrace the years when from Afghanistan he arrived in northern Europe after a long journey, hoping to seek asylum. Flee is the tale of an escape that turns into a hymn to life and freedom, a human journey interwoven with challenges and contagious joy, a truthful and poetic chronicle of the pursuit of happiness. An extraordinary film, the first to be nominated for an Oscar for best international film and at the same time for best documentary and best animated feature.


Free entrance

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