18 April 2023


We are happy to present the official image of the 19th edition of Biografilm, which will animate the city of Bologna from June 9 to 19.


This image refers back to the poster of the film Houria, by Algerian director Mounia Meddour, which we will repropose in our Festival. We chose this frame because it symbolizes bravery, the fight for one's rights and the search for freedom. 


We tell you about it in the words of our General Director, Massimo Mezzetti:

"Houria is a young woman, but her name could be one of many other women living her condition.

Houria has a great passion, ballet.

Houria lives in Algeria but could live anywhere.

Houria goes through a traumatic experience, from which she emerges with severe physical impairments. The young woman, however, gets back on her feet, despite her injuries, thanks to other women, who have experienced situations similar to hers.

Houria must find a new meaning to her life, a new role, a new anchor, but it will be far from easy. The expressiveness of her gestures and face are the recognizable signs of her desire for redemption and freedom.

The poster image is expressive symbolism, filtered through the body and dance, speaks of resilience of dreams and life forces to pull oneself out of the darkness, speaks of anchoring in the collective, speaks the language of women, rights and freedom."


Accreditation for Biografilm is now available. If you purchase by April, you can take advantage of the Early Bird rate → Learn more!


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