30 March 2022

The image of Biografilm 2022 and the first previews on the program

Yuri Ancarani's film and video-art, a tribute to Gianni Celati, an "artist horse" will be the symbol of the 18th edition poster

The image symbol of the 2022 festival, conceived by the artist Giuseppe De Mattia, and the first contents regarding the program have been disclosed: in the "tributes" section, special focus is given to Gianni Celati and Yuri Ancarani.


The image of the festival

The collaboration between the festival and contemporary art world continues: the artist who worked on the image symbol of Biografilm 2022 is Giuseppe De Mattia, trained at Dams (Drama, Art and Music Studies) in Bologna and active in our area.

His work is a blending of photography and painting: the photograph is a real and faithful representation of a horse that posed as a model, while the painting component intends to mystify, hide and cut out what is essential for the final work. Red decorations are inspired by the ornaments that Native Americans used to draw on their horses for propitiatory ceremonies. As the artist himself said: "This symbolism enhances their stability, control, versatility, eyesight”.


Tributes: a couple of previews

Biografilm is working to create a content-rich program and is starting to announce some elements that will characterize the 18th edition in the "tributes" section. The festival proposes the film journey of two artists and intellectuals who explore boundaries and language overlaps to narrate the reality in many different ways. In the works of Gianni Celati and Yuri Ancarani, the documentary begins with the representation of reality and then travels down unprecedented narrative paths, thereby serving as a bridge with collective imagination.

Gianni Celati, i film is the tribute that includes the programming of film works of the great intellectual who departed his life earlier this year. From Monday 13th to Friday 17th of June, in the cloister of Santa Cristina della Fondazza, the four films by Gianni Celati will be presented (Strada provinciale delle anime, 1991; Il mondo di Luigi Ghirri, 1998; Case sparse. Visioni di case che crollano, 2003; Diol Kaad. Vita, diari e riprese in un villaggio del Senegal, 2010. All of them are produced or co-produced by Luca Buelli's enterprise "Pierrot e la Rosa") The two films of which Gianni Celati is author and narrator will also be presented (Sul 45° parallelo, 1997; Mondonuovo, 2003). They are directed by Davide Ferrario who will be present that day.

Maratona Ancarani is a tribute to the director, video artist and film-maker from Ravenna Yuri Ancarani, whose works arise from a constant mixture of documentary film and contemporary art. His works are the result of a research exploring the most concealed everyday life aspects, a reality which the artist delves into firsthand. The following titles will be screened:  Atlantide, 2021, 80’; The Roots of Violence: San Vittore, 2018, 12’ e San Siro, 2014, 26’; Seance, 2014,30’; Whipping Zombie, 2017, 30; The Challenge, 2016,70’; The Malady of Iron: Da Vinci, 2012, 25’; Piattaforma Luna, 2011, 26’ e Il capo, 2010, 15’. The director will be present and will talk to the audience.

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