Tutta un'altra storia

Tutta un'altra storia is a social inclusion educational project dedicated to young boys and girls in vulnerable situations.

Started in 2021 with a group of young boys from the "Pietro Siciliani" Juvenile Penal Institute in Bologna, in 2022 it also involved teenagers from the "Giardino dei Ciliegi" educational community for minors in Imola, and in 2023 girls from the Oikos educational community for minors in Bologna.

The project proposes many educational activities that use international documentary films as a tool for developing empathy, critical analysis of reality, as well as identification and enhancement of talents. In addition, the teenagers being actively involved as jurors and spectators in the cultural event Biografilm of Bologna, will encourage integration into society and dialogue with the outside world. For the first time, they will be asked to judge instead of being judged and will have the opportunity to come into contact with male and female professionals of the international film sector.

The project is financed by the Ministry of Justice - Department of Juvenile and Community Justice, as part of the initiatives of legality education, active citizenship and restorative justice. It also benefits from the support of the Fondazione Carisbo and of the Embassy and Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Italy. It also received support from the Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna.

To learn more about the methodologies and results of the three-year period 2021-2023, download the report in Italian here and in English here.

On 29 August 2023, a group of youngsters of the Juvenile Jail of Bologna, who have been part of the Youth Jury for 3 years at Biografilm, have awarded the Forza Maggiore prize of the film-literary competition Bookciak, Azione!, a competition created and directed by Gabriella Gallozzi and pre-opening event of the Venice Film Festival section Giornate degli Autori which rewards the bookciaks: experimental shorts inspired by the books made by young filmmakers.



Now in its fourth year, the project in 2024 involves girls from the Oikos Educational Community in Bologna. Beginning with the viewing of a selection of films from the Biografilm program, group workshops on activating and sharing emotions are done first, followed by creative expression workshops, and then by the jury workshop that actively involves the girls in the event. Through then the creation of a final artistic video, under the guidance of filmmaker Lucia Magnifico, a moment of peer exchange will be created with the international artists that the beneficiary girls will meet at the end of the journey.

The project is renewed in collaboration with the L'Ovile Cooperative, thanks to the support of the Ministry of Justice - Department of Juvenile and Community Justice, and thanks to the contribution of the Fondazione Carisbo and the Embassy and Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Italy.

These 3 films selected for activities: JDL - BEHIND THE WALL by Deborah Faraone Menella (doc, Holland, 58', 2023), SELLING A COLONIAL WAR by In-Soo Radstake (doc, 132', Holland, 2023) and ROMINA by Valerio Lo Muzio and Michael Petrolini (doc, Italy, 72', 2024).


The project, in its third year of implementation in 2023, has become international!

Biografilm has in fact begun a collaboration with the Dutch association Young in Prison by joining their international best practice exchange project Young Perspectives (YOPE). The project employs international educators and mentors with experience working in youth detention centers across Europe, using them in 24 subjects including theater, philosophy, songwriting and soccer as key allies for restorative justice projects. Together with experts and mentors, they also serve as positive role models for the youth they meet.

Their educators Lamyn Belgaroui e Guillermo Seymonson have been involved by Biografilm staff in the creative music writing workshop, together with filmmakers Lucia Magnifico and Nicola Baita. From the workshop came not only a song but a music video, and a concert performed live inside the Bologna Juvenile Penal Institute for the filmmakers of the films viewed. This achievement was made possible thanks to the intermediation and support of the program FuturoPresente, a year of culture for children and young adults (film, literature, performing arts), focusing on cooperation between the Netherlands and Italy. A special program of the Embassy and Consulate-General of the Netherlands in Italy and four major Dutch cultural institutions (Performing Arts Fund NL, Dutch Foundation for Literature, Dutch Cultural Participation Fund, SeeNL - films from the Netherlands).

Furthermore, the project received the support of the Ministry of Justice - Department of Juvenile and Community Justice, as part of the initiatives for education in legality, active citizenship and restorative justice envisaged by the "Next Generation" project, the contribution of the Fondazione del Monte of Bologna and Ravenna and the collaboration of the Penal Institute for Minors "Pietro Siciliani" (IPM) of Bologna, of the Cooperative l'Ovile, of the Metropolitan Poetry Slam group and the Biblioteca Scolastica Fuori Catalogo of the Aldini Valeriani Institute in Bologna.

The activities are designed in a participatory way and took place from May to July 2023 in Bologna inside the Bologna Juvenile Penal Institute, divided into 9 meetings that ended into the 19th edition of Biografilm, from June 9 to 19, 2023 in Bologna. The meetings have included storytelling workshops using various forms of artistic expression, guided viewing of documentary films, meetings with the directors and jury activities based on team building techniques and consensus development.  

These are the 3 films selected for the activities: SHABU by Shamira Raphaëla (70’, Netherlands, Belgium, 2021), ALL YOU SEE (Al wat je ziet) by Niki Padidar (72’,  Netherlands, 2022), THE MIND GAME by Sajid Khan Nasiri, Eefje Blankevoort, Els van Driel (61’, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Netherlands, The, Romania, 2023).

The Tutta un'altra storia Award - Biografilm 2023 was awarded by the young beneficiaries of the project to the director of SHABU.

Music video made as part of Biografilm Festival’s educational project A whole other story (Tutta un’altra storia) 2023.

The video and the song MON AMI were made by the boys of the Juvenile Jail of Bologna, during the workshops foreseen by Biografilm Festival in collaboration with Young Perspectives

The song is original, written and performed by the boys inspired by the films SHABU by Shamira Raphaela, THE MIND GAME by Eefje Blankevoort, Els van Driel and Sajid Khan Nasiri, ALL YOU SEE by Niki Padidar.


Video of the song made by IPM students as part of Tutta un'altra storia 2021.


A whole different story: Biografilm's social inclusion educational project becomes part of restorative justice and legality education pathways.




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