Nuovo Cinema Coraggioso

Real life stories to understand the present

Brave New Cinema is a national educational project implemented in 2023 as part of the Cinema and Images for Schools Plan promoted by MIM and Mic.

It is conceived and promoted ZaLab con Biografilm Festival, Progettomondo, Comunità Promozione e Sviluppo (CPS), Associazione Culturale La Bandita, Associazione SPASMO, Festival del Cinema Africano di Verona, Associazione Culturale Insensi – Festival Cinema Express, Animaphix International Animated Film Festival, Cinecittà spaUniversità degli Studi di Verona e PHILM – Centro di ricerca di filosofia e cinema  in collaboration with the network of partner School Institutes.

It is an image education project aimed at high schools and elementary school (10 high school classes and 6 primary classes) and involves 13 schools in 5 Regions of Italy (Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Abruzzo, Campania, Sicily) within a path that, through the language of film, stimulates the attention of young people and children on social issues related to the contemporary world, often difficult to interpret.

The trainers involved in the project, from January to May 2023, will offer students and teachers a catalog of 35 audiovisual works including short films and independent cinema. From the catalog, each class will choose one work to explore in depth with the trainers with a view to choosing it for final presentation to the public, peers and the citizenry. Download the catalog in Italian here.

Over the course of four meetings the trainers work in the classrooms with pupils and teachers on the themes of the film chosen by the class and active citizenship education. At the end of these meetings the boys and girls will be able to organize the final event, presenting the chosen film through the consensus method to their school and neighborhood. A fifth meeting before the public screening will be held online and will involve twinning and discussion between two distant schools on the themes of the chosen films.

Through tools of media literacy, film education and civic education, the project has multiple objectives: to foster students' transformation from spectators" to participatory and active "cultural promoters," to increase their critical sense by sharing imagery from their personal stories and prior knowledge with respect to phenomena related to themes such as courage, peace, conflict, dialogue memory; to foster a conscious use of media, to develop new skills in the film sector by enhancing the use of digital, personal and social tools of citizenship, awareness and cultural expression.

In Emilia-Romagna Istituto d’istruzione superiore Aldini Valeriani and Istituto d’istruzione superiore Arrigo Serpieri, both in Bologna, have joined the project.

For more info and content refer to the project's official website:


Selection of video clips made by students from Italian high schools involved in the Nuovo Cinema Coraggioso project.




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