Beyond Fiction - Oltre la finzione

For this nineteenth edition, Biografilm puts fiction and hybrid films together into one section, inviting the public on a journey of discovery and expansion of the boundaries that separate fiction and documentary, in order to continue to question ourselves - an important exercise - about what we are really seeing. Eight stories that talk about the courage to grow up, to fight, to believe, to listen. To Tell. In real life and beyond. 


20.000 especies de abejas

by Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren (fiction, Spain, 2023, 125') Italian Premiere

Eight-year-old Cocó, in search of her identity, and her mother Ane, in the midst of a sentimental and professional crisis, spend their summer holidays in the Basque Country, where her grandmother Lita and aunt Lourdes are involved in beekeeping and honey production. A summer that will change their lives and force these women of three very different generations to face their doubts and fears.

15/06 - 21:00 - BIOGRAFILM HERA THEATRE | Pop Up Cinema Arlecchino


Dreaming Arizona

by Jon Bang Carlsen (doc, Denmark/Estonia/Norway, 2022, 76') Italian Premiere

Five American teenagers from a small town in Arizona recount their lives in the past, present and future. Jon Bang Carlsen moving between documentary and fiction, between dream and reality, recounts, against the backdrop of arid landscapes, the imagined lives and old ghosts of the protagonists.

17/06 - 18:45 - BIOGRAFILM HERA THEATRE | Pop Up Cinema Arlecchino


Franky Five Star

by Birgit Möller (fiction, Germany/Finland, 2023, 114') Italian Premiere

Franky suffers from a multiple personality disorder that makes her appear unpredictable and erratic. Every day, Franky has to deal with the four other characters living inside her, Leni, Frank, Ella and Frau Franke, who seem to live in an old-fashioned hotel but actually take turns in her body, disturbing her attempts at a romantic life.

10/06 - 18:30 - Cinema Lumière - Sala Mastroianni



by Mounia Meddour (fiction, France/Algeria, 2022,98')

Houria is a talented dancer who between cleaning and gambling at night tries to make a living. One night she is attacked by a stranger and wakes up in hospital traumatized. Surrounded by a community of women, she will find a meaning in her life by including dance in the reconstruction and sublimation of wounded bodies.

17/06 - 21:00 - BIOGRAFILM HERA THEATRE | Pop Up Cinema Arlecchino


Knit's Island 

by Ekiem Barbier, Guilhem Causse, Quentin L'helgouac'h (doc, France, 2023, 96') Italian PremiereDebut Film

Somewhere on the Internet, there is a space in which individuals gather in a community to simulate a survivalist fiction. Under the guise of avatars, a film crew enters this place and makes contact with the ‘locals’, discovering their stories, fears, and aspirations.

10/06 - 21:00 - BIOGRAFILM HERA THEATRE | Pop Up Cinema Arlecchino


The Store

by Ami-Ro Sköld (fiction, Italy/Sweden, 2022, 120') Italian Premiere

Combining live action filming and animation, The store, with a humorous and visionary touch, deals with the daily difficulties of European service sector workers, particularly women, with a look at environmental issues as well.

14/06 - 21:00 - BIOGRAFILM HERA THEATRE | Pop Up Cinema Arlecchino


The Tuba Thieves

by Alison O’Daniel (doc/fiction, USA, 2023, 91') Italian Premiere, Debut Film

Through the story of Nyke, a deaf woman, and Geovanny, a drummer in a burgled and now tubeless band, the film documents their lives during the years of the robberies. Against the backdrop of a fully unknown Los Angeles, the protagonist of The Tuba Thieves is sound.

17/06 - 21:30 - Cinema Lumière - Sala Scorsese


Youssef Salem a du succès

by Baya Kasmi (fiction, France, 2022, 97')

The troubles for Youssef Salem, a novelist of Maghrebi origin, start when his new novel becomes a success because Youssef couldn't help but be inspired by his own life, for better or for worse. Now he has to prevent his book from falling into the hands of his family at all costs.

12/06 - 21:00 - BIOGRAFILM HERA THEATRE | Pop Up Cinema Arlecchino


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