21 February 2022

The 2022 Bring the Change project has kicked off

A path of education for active citizenship through cinema to stimulate the younger generations to fight discrimination.


The 2022 Bring the Change project has been presented in Bologna, during the first event. It is a film training program aimed at high schools, to stimulate a critical reflection on reality with a multimedia approach, which can give rise to a more inclusive society.

This year, three classes of the Aldini Valeriani State High School in Bologna are directly involved in the project. The project offers a catalogue of films with coordinated educational activities, which can also be used by other high schools. The catalogue can be downloaded online here.

In a period in which access to external learning experiences has been limited by the pandemic, Bring the Change aims to stimulate the development of critical thinking and to broaden adolescents' gaze on the contemporary world, through a path of discovery, appropriation and use of documentary language. Cinema thus becomes a tool for interpreting reality without stereotypes and prejudices, and in a broad sense a starting point for being able to contribute personally to a more inclusive society.

After the 2021 pilot project, this year Bring the Change is carried out by the SMK Videofactory Association - active since 2009 in the field of documentary cinema production and distribution - in collaboration with Biografilm Festival, with the important involvement of the Aldini Valeriani State High School in Bologna which manages the didactic and logistic part through the “Fuori Catalogo” school library. In addition, there is the collaboration of the Terra Di Tutti Film Festival - a social cinema festival founded in Bologna in 2007 by COSPE and WeWorld - the Arca di Noè Social Co-operative and ZaLab. The realization is due to the contribution of the Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna and to the support of the Embassy and Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Italy in the framework of the cultural program (S)punti di Vista.

The project envisages the involvement, face to face, of three upper sixth classes of the Aldini Valeriani State High School in Bologna, for a total of about 70 students. A group of people with disabilities, involved in the projects of the Arca di Noè Social Co-operative, will participate in the participatory videomaking workshop.

The 2022 Bring The Change offers an integrated course divided into 4 modules: knowledge of the language and of the narration techniques of documentary film, use of participatory videomaking, personal involvement as a young jury at the 18th edition of Biografilm Festival and a masterclass on social cinema. All activities will take place between February and October 2022. After the screening of five international documentary films, the classes involved will discuss with directors (including Pierfrancesco Li Donni, Joris Postema and Els van Driel), they will create video spots about "inclusivity" that will be screened at Biografilm Festival in June and at Terra di Tutti Film Festival in October, they  will form one of the young juries of the 18th edition of Biografilm Festival.

The five documentaries proposed are: the Italian LA NOSTRA STRADA by Pierfrancesco Li Donni (jury prize at the 2020 Biografilm Italia Competition), the American LIFE ANIMATED by Roger Ross Williams, the Anglo-American co-production MATANGI / MAYA / M.I.A. by Steve Loveridge and the Dutch SHADOW GAME by Eefje Blankevoort and Els van Driel and STOP FILMING US! by Joris Postema.

The information on the documentaries of the first module, the insights and the educational activities related to them, are collected in a catalogue, available online on our website at this link which can also be used by other schools interested in being involved in the project.



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