20 May 2024

ScriptaBo jury closes selections, announced 8 subjects to be presented at Fiction Factory Showcase of From Book to Film | Bio to Industry Days

After evaluating more than a hundred subjects, collected during the 5-week call for Fiction Factory Showcase, a public presentation of stories looking for a productive development in the publishing and audiovisual fields, 8 titles have been selected and 14 authors and screenwriters from all over Italy will come to compete for the @Fiction Factory Audience Award - the prize of the best subject voted by the audience of professionals present.

The confirmed shortlist of titles is the result of a careful selection process that saw three writers and screenwriters from the ScriptaBo association - Sofia Assirelli, Andrea Cotti and Giampiero Rigosi - sift and decree 8 subjects most suitable for the audience of publishers, literary agents, film and television producers, professionals from the podcast world who will take part in From Book to Film, the third day of Bio to B - Industry Days, June 12, 2024, which Biografilm Festival dedicates to the two worlds, pillars of the cultural industry: publishing and audiovisual.

The three multi-published writers - Assirelli, writer of TV series, documentaries, shorts and feature films, has published for Feltrinelli the illustrated graphic novel Tettonica; Cotti, writer and screenwriter of thrillers and detective stories recently published Il Cinese e L’Impero di Mezzo with Rizzoli; Rigosi, novelist and screenwriter, out with his latest novel Ciao Vita with La Nave di Teseo - are the jury members of ScriptaBo, a social and cultural association that aims to make writing and reading key elements in building an equitable society. The association itself will be the bearer of the award. The best subject voted by the audience of professionals will win a training dedicated to story development. 

Essential is Giancarlo Liviano D'Arcangelo, Fiction Factory Mentor and Film & Media Consultant for Il Saggiatore, who will prepare the authors during the Fiction Factory Training Labs ahead of the public presentation on June 12.
About the authors we reveal nothing more, come find out what lies inside the minds of these creatives at the Showcase taking place on Thursday afternoon, June 12, 2024!

Among the key appointments of that day, the Adaptation Market, where producers will meet with publishers who will have a table at the market to undertake deals and acquisitions of titles suitable for audiovisual transpositions; the workshop with editor Barbara Gozzi, a case studies focusing on the issue of betrayal in film transpositions with Gabriella Gallozzi of BookCiak Azione!
The work wouldn't go on if there wasn't the right charge, so there will be no shortage of recharging coffee breaks, networking lunch and closing finale aperitif!

Laura Carlomagno, Giulia Campi

Il vuoto del cielo
Francesco Aloe

La Zit
Alessia Martina Dubini, Camilla Maino

Lady Car
Roberta Sciuto

Rest in Termini
Guido Giovannetti, Alessio Coccia

Piera Fiorito, Alessandro Diele, Pierpaolo Ferlaino, Marta Sappa

Federico Rodelli

Storia di Edgarda
Allegra de Mandato



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