12 June 2024

Omaggio al cinema catodico di Paolo Caredda - secondo appuntamento: UNSUNG HEROES

The sixth day of Biografilm 2024 opens with the section OMAGGIO AL CINEMA CATODICO DI PAOLO CAREDDA - Secondo appuntamento: UNSUNG HEROES.

Paolo Caredda
was considered by many who knew him as the best Italian director around. Coming from Genova and a Genoa soccer fan, he graduated from DAMS in Bologna and played a key role in launching the Italian versions of channels such as MTV, Tele+ and Discovery. He directed numerous documentaries, including one on Pazienza, seen at Biografilm 2016. Author of short stories, novels, and essays published by Einaudi and Edizioni ISBN, his participation in the literary anthology Gioventù cannibale, edited by Daniele Brolli and published in 1996, became famous.

After the first appointment on Monday, June 10, with Gli italiani e il fumetto, Paolo Caredda's Tribute continues today, June 12, at 4:45 p.m. at Cinema Lumière - Sala Mastroianni, with the second appointment: UNSUNG HEROES.
Seven short films by Paolo Caredda are scheduled for screening: La Famiglia Telepatica is the pilot episode for a mockumentary series, never made, about the professions of cinema. Media Gangsters intro in four chapters chronicles the spectacle of the British underworld elite. Luciano De Maria: la rapina di via Osoppo is a mini-doc on the robbery that took place in Milan's Via Osoppo on February 27, 1958, narrated by one of its protagonists, Luciano De Maria. Il Sande (San Desiderio squadra di calcio) is dedicated to the San Desiderio (promotion) soccer team, narrated by its loyal fans. Circulo deportivo peruano, on the other hand, dwells on Deportivo Peruano, a Genoese soccer team from the third category, but with A-list aims. Il pozzo della morte is a mini-doc on the circus act poço da morte, a high-impact, high-risk motorcycle stunt show. Graffiti a Milano traces the largest writing jam session in Italy, organized by the art association Stradedarts on Viale Caprilli in Milan.
Music critic Carlo Antonelli, TV author, editor and more, Massimo Coppola, and the representatives of the Opificio Ciclope collective will be present at the screening.

Appointments with Paolo Caredda's Tribute will continue tomorrow, June 13, at the Chiostro del Complesso di Santa Cristina "della Fondazza" with the third event: VIDEOGAMES, which features two more documentaries by Caredda: Best 50 Videogames Ever and Spectrum Diamond: the Myth and the Legend of Matthew Smith.


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