10 May 2024

Enjoy Biografilm with Giovanni Troilo

The image on the border. Field overrides between photography and cinema on the conflict front.

Once again this year Biografilm and Scuola di alta formazione of FMAV (Fondazione Modena Arti Visive) are giving a selected group the opportunity to experience two days of the Festival together with director and photographer Giovanni Troilo to watch films, discover and discuss the role of the image between photography and cinema.

On June 13 and 14, together with Giovanni Troilo, there will be a discussion of the so-called border languages of the image that tell true stories with the language of non-fiction, in order to understand what is the role played by the photographer and film-maker and to theorize possible new models of storytelling.

Participation is free and by selection through a call open to all enthusiasts who have reached the age of 18 who have a basic knowledge and passion for the language of moving images. The registration term is June 2, 2024.


Click here to apply for the free open call

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