12 June 2024

Day 6 - Wednesday, June 12

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12 at Biografilm, among others, a tribute to Paolo Caredda, screenings accessible to children, documentaries on violence and gender dysphoria

The sixth day of the festival begins with OMAGGIO AL CINEMA CATODICO DI PAOLO CAREDDA - Secondo appuntamento: UNSUNG HEROES, scheduled at 4:45 p.m. at Cinema Lumière - Sala Mastroianni. This is a series of short films made by Paolo Caredda, for many the best Italian director, author of numerous documentaries, short stories, novels and essays. La Famiglia Telepatica is the pilot episode for a mockumentary series, never made, about the professions of cinema. Media Gangsters intro in four chapters chronicles the spectacle of the British underworld elite. Luciano De Maria: la rapina di via Osoppo is a mini-doc on the robbery that took place in Milan's Via Osoppo on February 27, 1958, narrated by one of its protagonists, Luciano De Maria. Il Sande (San Desiderio squadra di calcio) is dedicated to the San Desiderio (promotion) soccer team, narrated by its loyal fans. Circulo deportivo peruano, on the other hand, dwells on Deportivo Peruano, a Genoese soccer team from the third category, but with A-list aims. Il pozzo della morte is a mini-doc on the circus act poço da morte, a high-impact, high-risk motorcycle stunt show. Graffiti a Milano traces the largest writing jam session in Italy, organized by the art association Stradedarts on Viale Caprilli in Milan. In the movie theatre will be present music critic Carlo Antonelli, TV author, editor and more, Massimo Coppola and representatives of the Opificio Ciclope collective.

At 5:45 p.m., at BIOGRAFILM HERA THEATRE | Pop Up Cinema Arlecchino, featuring Linda veut du poulet! (Linda e il pollo) by Chiara Malta and Sébastien Laudenbach. The screening, organized in collaboration with Alliance Française Bologna, is prohibited to children under 14 and accessible to TEEN season ticket holders. An ode to freedom and revolution, from the perspective of childhood, told through the relationship between Linda and her mother Paulette and the search for a chicken on a day of general strike. Director Chiara Malta will be present in the movie theatre.

This year, at Biografilm 6 events are fully accessible to people with hearing difficulties through the subtitling of the film and subsequent discussion carried out by FIADDA Emilia-Romagna, Association of Deaf People and Families. Il piano segreto by Ruben Monterosso and Federico Savonitto, screening at 6:45 p.m. at Cinema Lumière - Sala Scorsese, is one of them. The documentary, a world premiere, focuses on the cultural legacy of Michele Perriera, a heretical author and lone voice of Italian theater who, in the late 1900s, foresaw the current environmental and socioeconomic imbalance. In the movie theatre will be present the directors and producer Pierfrancesco Li Donni.

At 7 p.m., at the Cinema Lumière - Sala Mastroianni, a parterre of guests (Daniele Morante, producers Gioia Avvantaggiato, Piero Corsini of Rai Cultura, Enrico Bufalini of Cinecittà and Suzanne Biermann of Arte TV) will accompany the screening of La Storia il romanzo dello scandalo by Silvia Luzi. The director portrays an extraordinary writer, Elsa Morante, and her immortal work, La Storia, a 1974 novel focusing on the story of ordinary people during World War II and the years that followed.

The evening promises to be very rich. At 8 p.m., at BIOGRAFILM HERA THEATRE | Pop Up Cinema Arlecchino, there will be L'Abbé Pierre - Une Vie de combats by Frédéric Tellier. The film offers a never-before-seen look at the frailties and personal life of Henri Grouès, known as Abbé Pierre: Resistance fighter, deputy and defender of the homeless, founder of Emmaüs, an international solidarity movement. The screening, organized in collaboration with Fondazione Emmaus and Alliance Française Bologna, will be enriched by the presence of protagonist Benjamin Lavernhe.

At 9 p.m., at Cinema Lumière - Sala Mastroianni, Emilia-Romagna Region President Stefano Bonaccini, Foundation President Carlo Lucarelli and Foundation Director Elena Zaccherini will accompany the screening of Cerchi by Margherita Ferri. Through a narrative construction of concentric circles, the documentary tells the stories of Gabriele, Lola and the Bravi couple, who are united by being marked by a serious crime.

The evening will continue, at 9:15 p.m. at Cinema Lumière - Sala Scorsese, with Lettre à ma fille depuis le pays des femmes by Silvia Staderoli. The screening, organized in collaboration with Il Melograno and Casa delle Donne, will be introduced by a discussion by the latter association, which helps women who suffer violence. The documentary, a world premiere, is a chronicle of life moments and encounters with women engaged in the fight against gender-based violence. A filmed diary that the director dedicates to her 16-year-old daughter and to all girls around the world.

Finally, at 9:30 p.m., at the Chiostro del Complesso di Santa Cristina “della Fondazza”, Ingrid Kamerling's They and Them will close the day. The screening, organized in collaboration with Il Melograno, Cassero and Gruppo Trans, will be followed by a discussion by the latter LGBTI+ association. The screening is prohibited to children under 14 and accessible to TEEN season ticket holders. The documentary follows the dilemmas of people working at the “gender clinic” in Zaandam, Netherlands, which offers counseling to young people with gender dysphoria, operating amid financial and bureaucratic difficulties.

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