Vivi Biografilm con Giovanni Troilo

The political role of images between fiction and reality

Biografilm, in collaboration with FMAV Fondazione Modena Arti Visive, offers for its new edition the opportunity to have an exclusive experience with Giovanni Troilo (Putignano, 1977), director and photographer active in film, television, and editorial fields. In addition to the film section dedicated to him, it will be possible to participate in a masterclass exploring his work on June 13 and 14. By delving into the boundary languages of documentary imagery, examining the political role of images, and considering the fictional element as a method to devise new narrative approaches to reality, attendees will gain an understanding of the photographer and the director as a professional process constantly evolving, essential for investigating contemporary visual codes and for always keeping an eye on real audiences.

Borromini e Bernini. Sfida alla perfezione

by Giovanni Troilo

(Doc / Italy / 2023 / 102’)

The story of the architectural revolution of a solitary genius who changed the appearance of Rome forever through a personal challenge to conventions, with the humility to learn from the past in order to invent the future, with the courage to pursue an idea while paying the price to the end. Borromini's style is recognizable, eccentric, different: it exudes an austere spiritual authority. But this is also the story of the most famous artistic rivalry of all time, that between Borromini (1599-1667) and Bernini (1598-1680), and above all the story of Borromini's rivalry with himself: a genius so attached to his art that he turned it into a demon that devoured him, to the point of pushing him to choose death, in order to touch eternity.


di Giovanni Troilo

(Doc / France, Italy / 2016 / 61’)

Charleroi, a city near Brussels in the “Black Country” region, was once the promised land for workers from all over Europe for its thriving mining and steel industries. Now it is a symbol of the issues plaguing the entire continent: rising unemployment, immigration, crime. But above all, a growing sense of unease, a symptom of the lack of stability in an ever-changing world.
A tale of a city but also a journey into people’s own forgotten roots. The archival material of the city's history is intercut with portraits of residents and people passing through, coping with daily life in the dark heart of Europe and telling us about the different ways they try to keep it together.

Stupor Mundi

by Giovanni Troilo

World Premiere
(Fiction / Italy / 2024 / 22’)

A castle in the shape of an octagon, with multiples of eight in all its parts, has been guarding for eight centuries the mystery whose key probably only the emperor who built it possesses: Frederick II of Swabia, also known as Stupor mundi. Eccentricity for eccentricity's sake, here Castel del Monte takes, in a night of music and miracles, the shape of a spaceship. The same night of “stupor” that brings together three bizarre characters: the talented DJ Tanja, the strong-willed nerd Ulisse and the meek shepherd Ruggero, with his flock in tow. The unusual trio will thus find themselves exploring the Octagon in search of an electrical outlet, but also producing temporal short-circuits and imperial apparitions.


vivi biografilm con troilo
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