Una vita all'assalto

by Paolo Fazzini, Francesco Principini

Biografilm Art & Music

Doc, World Premiere

(Italy / 2024 / 109’)


Born in 1990, Assalti Frontali published the first rap song ever sung in Italian, "Batti il tuo tempo", which became the anthem of a generational movement that saw underground culture as a spirit of revolt to bring to the squares. In 1992 the band released the first Italian rap album "Terra di nessuno," which was followed by another ten albums. More than 30 years later Luca Mascini - this is the real name of Militant A, leader of Assalti Frontali - is still the same, and in this film he tells his story as he had never done before. We discover a human and artistic parable which has its roots in the history of Italy, in the world of antagonistic autonomy, of student movements, faithful to its ideals, to dreams, to the irrepressible desire to make music and change the world. Also today.

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