Un paese di resistenza

by Shu Aiello, Catherine Catella

Biografilm Italia

Doc, Italian Premiere

(Belgium, France, Italy / 2024 / 97’)


Like many villages in Southern Italy, Riace has suffered from massive rural exodus. One day, a boat carrying 200 Kurds refugees ran aground on the beach. The villagers come to their aid: little by little, migrants and villagers will rehabilitate abandoned houses, revive business and ensure a future for the village. 20 years of harmony make Riace a model for welcoming migrants, but also the target of the populist wave. So Domenico Lucano, the mayor of Riace, faces 13 years in prison and forces the village into a dilemma: resist or disappear. A snapshot of an unprecedented event in Italian political and judicial history, the second chapter written by the directors of Un paese di Calabria, presented at Biografilm in 2016.

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