The Roller, the Life, the Fight

by Elettra Bisogno, Hazem Alqaddi

Biografilm Italia

Doc, Italian Premiere, First Film

(Belgium / 2024 / 83’)


Elettra and Hazem arrive in Belgium at the same time, him after a painful journey from Gaza, her to study documentary film. Their first moments together are revealing and trigger the desire to know each other through the medium of film. The camera becomes the tool they share for understanding. Through the images of their lives, we are plunged into the details of the meeting of two worlds. The displacements they endure strengthen their wish to resist a widely divided society; the act of filming is their commitment to justice. Being confronted to the rigidity of Hazem’s asylum procedure, they embark on an exile, an inner migration to reach a more equitable and welcoming place.

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