Stupor Mundi

by Giovanni Troilo

Vivi Biografilm con Giovanni Troilo

Fiction, World Premiere

(Italy / 2024 / 22’)


A castle in the shape of an octagon, with multiples of eight in all its parts, has been guarding for eight centuries the mystery whose key probably only the emperor who built it possesses: Frederick II of Swabia, also known as Stupor mundi. Eccentricity for eccentricity's sake, here Castel del Monte takes, in a night of music and miracles, the shape of a spaceship. The same night of “stupor” that brings together three bizarre characters: the talented DJ Tanja, the strong-willed nerd Ulisse and the meek shepherd Ruggero, with his flock in tow. The unusual trio will thus find themselves exploring the Octagon in search of an electrical outlet, but also producing temporal short-circuits and imperial apparitions.