Stray Bodies - Corpi erranti

by Elina Psykou

Contemporary Lives

Doc, Italian Premiere

(Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Bulgaria / 2024 / 109’)


Robin is pregnant but doesn't want to be a mother. Caterina and Gaia are single but want a child. Kiki suffers from an incurable disease and wants her life to end with dignity. The procedure they hope to get access to – abortion, IVF and euthanasia – is available and legal in neighboring countries but not theirs.
Stray Bodies takes you on a road trip through Europe, by meeting opponents, doctors, advocates in surreal settings that often blends the limits between logic and absurdity, the film opens a reflection on bodily autonomy in a continent where Christian heritage and conservatism are obstacles to the freedom of choice and science has pushed further humanity’s power over life and death.