Spazzi. Una comunità in suborbita

by Dario Miale, Giorgio Di Palma, Giuseppe Calamunci Manitta

Biografilm Italia

Doc / Fiction, World Premiere, First Film

(Italy / 2024 / 50’)


Just beyond the Kármán line lies a small town in the heart of southern Italy: Grottaglie. In August 2017, the US State Department announces the construction, on the soil of Grottaglie, of the first European spaceport. Giorgio and Dario, from the artistic collective Sano/Sano, put on their space helmets and envision “2021”, a project aimed at eliminating distances between the Earth and the sky. Volunteers and friends of the duo fight the scorching summer to complete their mission: building a rocket and form a crew ready to fly. "SPAZZI - a community in suborbit" tells of boundaries being swept away: of friendships that overcome space and time, of a small town capable of touching the universe.

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