Prima della fine. Gli ultimi giorni di Enrico Berlinguer

by Samuele Rossi

Biografilm Italia

Doc, World Premiere

(Italy / 2024 / 73’)


It’s June 7, 1984, when Enrico Berlinguer, during an election rally in Padua, feels a sudden illness. He carries through with his speech, but shortly thereafter goes into a coma for four days, until his death on June 11. On June 13, the most impressive political funeral in the history of the Republic takes place in Rome: two million people take to the streets. The film offers an accurate and renewed narrative and visual reconstruction of those 7 days that shook Italy. It recounts with a new perspective a moment of passage and an end: that of a beloved politician, of an entire party, of an idea of country, perhaps even the end of an era.