Nomade che non sono altro

by Fedora Sasso

Biografilm Art & Music

Doc, World Premiere

(Italy / 2024 / 70’)


In the early 1960s, between Modena and Reggio Emilia, Beppe Carletti and Augusto Daolio decide to form a band. Their debut takes place in 1963, and the chosen name is "Nomadi" (Nomads). The documentary tells the story of Nomadi, through the testimony of Beppe Carletti and many others, until the special concert in June 2023 in Novellara, where the band celebrated the anniversary of sixty years of music history. Two actors, Andrea Avanzi and Marco Santachiara, play Beppe and Augusto, taking us to the places of Nomadi: Novellara, the valleys, and the lowlands. The narrative is enriched by the testimonies of Francesco Guccini, Luciano Ligabue, Caterina Caselli, and Rosario Fiorello.