L’ultima isola

by Davide Lomma

Contemporary Lives

Doc, World Premiere, Second Film

(Italy / 2024 / 74’)


Eight friends each have a small business in Lampedusa. At midnight, after work, they go out on a boat to eat something together and wake up at dawn to fish for tuna. They reach the lovely “Tabaccara” area and fall asleep in the boat. At first light they wake up because they hear strange sounds, turn on the engines and start sailing; it is October 3, 2013, a day that will go down in history for one of the greatest tragedies in the Mediterranean Sea. The group will raise the alarm first, and find themselves on a small nine-meter boat with more than three hundred people at sea. They will manage to save 47 of them. A dramatic story intertwined with a visceral friendship.

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