Isabelle Stengers: fabriquer de l'espoir au bord du gouffre

by Fabrizio Terranova

International Competition

Doc, Italian Premiere

(Belgium / 2023 / 75’)

Playlist Cinema e Letteratura | BPER Banca

In a setting where a mysterious house and a magical forest intertwine, the turbulent Belgian philosopher Isabelle Stengers will unfold the thread of her thought, which is now recognized worldwide. A thought filled with resistance to the established order, with fierce stubbornness to give back its vigor to democracy, and with narratives that obstinately recompose a common world. A thought whose goal is to produce knowledge that excludes no one. The film will therefore take the form of a small manual of unblinding, with an astonishing form accessible to all, in order to manufacture, together, hope on the edge of the abyss!