Il piano segreto

by Ruben Monterosso, Federico Savonitto

Biografilm Art & Music

Doc, World Premiere

(Italy / 2024 / 82’)

Playlist Cinema e Letteratura | BPER Banca

At the end of the last century, Michele Perriera - a heretical author and lone voice of Italian theater - predicted the current environmental and socio-economic imbalance opening the eyes of his contemporaries. His apocalyptic imagery reverberates in our present full of doubts about the future. The Genovese Beltramo company and director Emma Dante are working on staging some of his texts, his children Giuditta and Gianfranco are trying to organize an event to remember him together with photographer Letizia Battaglia. Perriera was a master too soon forgotten and the film lends itself to a work of restitution that shows the magic and rawness of his cultural legacy.