Il frastuono e il silenzio

by Giampaolo Penco

Special Events

Doc, World Premiere

(France, Italy / 2024 / 112’)


Considered a bad role model in Italy, recognized as a master of political philosophy in the world, we see Toni Negri in his last intense interview. Ninety years old and ill, in his home in Paris, he holds all the threads that bind him to his many lives. In the 1970s he was held responsible for the violent degeneration of tens of thousands of young people. A witness to a dense historical moment charged with ferment, contradictions and drama, his critique of capitalism has permeated contemporary academic discourse. Toni Negri settled in France and pursued his thought to the point of laying the foundations for the future of European political philosophy with his text Empire, written with Michael Hardt. The film shows the final chapter in the life of a great scholar of the latter 20th century.

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