Helke Sander: Cleaning House

by Claudia Richarz

International Competition

Doc, Italian Premiere, Second Film

(Germany / 2023 / 82’)

Playlist Cinema e Letteratura | BPER Banca

Filmmaker Helke Sander is cleaning house and reflects on her life. She is one of the central protagonists of the new German cinema and takes a radical look at society in her numerous films. In 1977 she chose a single mom as main character for her radically personal film The All-Around Reduced Personality – REDUPERS. In her 1991 documentary Liberator and Liberties, she violates the taboo around discussing post-World War II rapes. In 1968, she initiated, via her now-legendary “tomato speech,” the New German Women’s Movement. In her feature films, she often plays the main role. How fortuitous for a documentary film to revolve around her eventful life.

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