Fighting Demons with Dragons

by Camilla Magid

Contemporary Lives, TEEN

Doc, Italian Premiere, Second Film

(Denmark, Sweden / 2024 / 93’)

#psiconauta #scelgochisono

Luca, Ask, and Josefine have all experienced being outsiders at their old schools. They've struggled to make friends and fit in, but at Østerskov Efterskole in Hobro, there's plenty of room to be different. It's Denmark's only role-playing school, and the role-playing games helps students figure out who they are in their own way. Over two years, we follow the students as they battle insecurity and anxiety dressed in costumes and wielding swords. It's a journey away from childhood towards independence, filled with vulnerability, courage, and the wildness of youth. Can Ask learn that he doesn't have to be good at everything all the time to be good enough? Can Josefine dare to be herself, even when she's not playing someone else? Will Luca's newfound confidence hold up when she moves into her own apartment outside the school's safe confines?

faccia di franc Admission allowed for TEEN season ticket holders