Omaggio al cinema catodico di Paolo Caredda

Fumetti, Unsung Heroes, Videogames  

Paolo Caredda was considered by many who knew him as the best Italian director around. Coming from Genova and a Genoa soccer fan, he graduated from DAMS in Bologna and played a key role in launching the Italian versions of channels such as MTV, Tele+ and Discovery. He directed numerous documentaries, including one on Pazienza, seen at Biografilm 2016. Author of short stories, novels, and essays published by Einaudi and Edizioni ISBN, his participation in the literary anthology Gioventù cannibale, edited by Daniele Brolli and published in 1996, became famous. He is said to have died in the arms of his last love, on Christmas 2018.

Best 50 Videogames Ever

by Paolo Caredda, Lucio Apolito

(Doc / Italy / 2002 / 61’)

Best50 videogames2

50 video games are narrated, explored or simply shown in the space of about a minute each. Interviews with journalists, historians, and ordinary fans are alternated with unusual stories of Finnish collectors, Calabrian bar patrons, and Athens taxi drivers. A must-see mockumentary made with different techniques, from digital, to film, to pure postproduction.

Circulo deportivo peruano

by Paolo Caredda

(Doc / Italy / 2007 / 3’)


Mini-documentary on the the Genovese soccer team Deportivo Peruano, a Terza Categoria team but aiming at Serie A.

La famiglia telepatica

by Paolo Caredda

(Doc / Fiction / Italy / 1999 / 6’)


Pilot episode for an unrealized mockumentary genre series on the crafts of filmmaking. (Fictional) director Saul Portogallo tells us the secrets of his esoteric cinema.

Graffiti a Milano

by Paolo Caredda

(Doc / Italy / 2013 / 28’)

A documentary on the world of graffiti dedicated to Street Players, the largest writing jam session in Italy by number of participants and length of painted spaces, organized by the art association Stradedarts in Viale Caprilli in Milan.

Gli italiani e il fumetto

by Paolo Caredda

(Doc / Italy / 2015 / 80’)

Fifty short episodes form a documentary on Italian comics: fifty vignettes of a few minutes each recount a passion from Tex to Dylan Dog to Andrea Pazienza.

Luciano De Maria: la rapina di via Osoppo

by Paolo Caredda

(Doc / Italy / 2006 / 3’)

Mini-documentary on the robbery of an armored car, that took place in Via Osoppo in Milan on February 27, 1958, at the time described as “the most sensational robbery ever recorded in the Milanese news,” narrated by one of its protagonists: Luciano De Maria.

Media Gangsters intro

by Paolo Caredda

(Doc / Italy / 2001 / 20’)

A documentary in four chapters dealing with how the spectacularization of the British underworld elite became good publishing business, starting from the golden era of the West End, to the present day.

Il pozzo della morte

by Paolo Caredda

(Doc / Italy / 2012 / 3’)

Filmed in Portugal, mini-documentary on the “poço da morte” circus act. A high-impact motorcycle stunt show featuring a brave rider racing up the walls of a well, while spectators can watch from above.

Il Sande (San Desiderio squadra di calcio)

by Paolo Caredda

(Doc / Italy / 2007 / 3’)


Mini-documentary on the San Desiderio soccer team (Promozione League) as told by its loyal fans.

Spectrum Diamond: the Myth and the Legend of Matthew Smith

by Paolo Caredda, Lucio Apolito, Alessandro Diaco

(Doc / Italy, Finland / 2002 / 53’)


1982, Wallasey, England, almost Wales. Not a great place. Matthew Smith was born here. One day at school, he tinkers with a Tandy, an almost serious computer, and there he goes: he becomes the programmer of the best-selling video game for ZX Spectrum, Jet Set Willy. He gets rich, sort of, and spends all the money on drugs and bicycle parts. Then he disappears.


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