Fiction Factory Showcase 2024

Do you want to participate as an accredited professional? Accreditations for this edition are available for purchase! Buy your accreditation here!

After evaluating more than a hundred subjects, collected during the 5-week call for Fiction Factory Showcase, a public presentation of stories looking for a productive development in the publishing and audiovisual fields, 8 titles have been selected and 14 authors and screenwriters from all over Italy will come to compete for the @Fiction Factory Audience Award - the prize of the best subject voted by the audience of Publishers and Producers present.

Essential is Giancarlo Liviano D'Arcangelo, Fiction Factory Mentor and Film & Media Consultant for Il Saggiatore, who will prepare the authors during the Fiction Factory Training Labs ahead of the public presentation on June 12.
About the authors we reveal nothing more, come find out what lies inside the minds of these creatives at the Showcase taking place on Thursday afternoon, June 12, 2024!

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