Celebration of Lives Award 2023

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Nicolas Philibert

A filmmaker characterized by his deep 'humanistic' gaze, Nicolas Philibert (Nancy, France, 1951) has always told stories of small microcosms with a simple, classic, minimalist style, which thanks to his narration become universal. As a scholar of philosophy, he has always preferred the 'political' over Politics, that is, the daily choices of the individual and how citizens interact with the social reality that surrounds them.

Rediscovering his cinema today, thanks also to the triumph of SUR L'ADAMANT at the latest Berlinale, and in anticipation of the other 'sister' stories that will soon depart from that barge on the Seine, means reclaiming the pure power of the simple act of storytelling.


Sur l’Adamant

by Nicolas Philibert (doc, France/Japan, 2023, 109’) Italian Premiere

The Adamant is a day care centre located on the Seine in the form of a floating structure, housing adults suffering from mental disorders. Winner of the Golden Bear at the Berlinale 2023, the documentary respectfully observes fragile people allowing them to express their discomforts and expectations and tells us about the great work done by the centre's team.

09/06 - 21:00 - BIOGRAFILM HERA THEATRE | Pop Up Cinema Medica 4K


Être et avoir

by Nicolas Philibert (doc, France, 2002, 104’) 

France, in the small village of Auvergne, a teacher tries to pass on to his 'unique class' some ethical and civic teaching in addition to a little general knowledge. To be and to have, whose title recalls the first two verbs learned at school, was nominated as Best Film at César Awards and Best Documentary at the European Film Awards in 2002. 

10/06 - 16:00 - Cinema Lumière - Sala Scorsese


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Roberta Torre

Universo Torre is Biografilm's tribute to Roberta Torre, a versatile and visionary director. With her, the Festival celebrates the most surprising and atypical Italian cinema, able to combine documentary with fiction in its most archetypal and enchanting forms and her very personal idea of cinema outside the box, populated by the most extravagant and interesting characters, capable of mixing the fairy-tale with the national-popular dimension.


Con occhi diversi

by Roberta Torre (doc, Italy, 2011, 3')

The video realised by Roberta Torre for the first edition of the 'Sicilia Queer filmfest' plays with bodies and faces of men and women, movements that cover and uncover expressions, feelings, modesty of human beings, mixing atmospheres created by lights with an intense music composed by Massimiliano Pace. 

11/06 - 21:00 - BIOGRAFILM HERA THEATRE | Pop Up Cinema Arlecchino


La notte quando è morto Pasolini

by Roberta Torre (doc, Italia, 2009, 20')

In 2008, the director met Pino Pelosi, the last man who saw Pasolini alive, in Rome. She followed him for four or five days after that meeting to try to 'steal' from his words an emotion, a memory, a vision that would help her 'feel' what had happened on that tragic night. 

11/06 - 21:00 - BIOGRAFILM HERA THEATRE | Pop Up Cinema Arlecchino


Le favolose

by Roberta Torre (doc, Italy/France, 2022, 74')

Five transgender friends try to fulfil the last wish of their late friend Antonia, buried in male clothing against her will. The protagonists, stars of the boundless trans constellation, in staging this story, interweave it with their own experiences, telling stories and memories of their own journeys. 

12/06 - 18:15 - Cinema Lumière - Sala Scorsese


Riccardo va all'inferno

by Roberta Torre (fiction, Italy/France, 2017, 90')

Riccardo Mancini (Massimo Ranieri) has always been in a struggle with his brothers for supremacy and command of the family, ruled by the powerful Queen Mother (Sonia Bergamasco). Upon his return from the psychiatric hospital, Riccardo begins to assassinate anyone who stands in the way of his rise to power. When he becomes king, however, he loses everything. Riccardo goes to hell and does so smiling. 

10/06 - 21:15 - Cinema Lumière - Sala Mastroianni


Zia Enza è in partenza

by Roberta Torre (fiction, Italy, 1992, 4')

Aunt Enza wanders among the ruins of Gibellina: she appears and disappears, runs frantically and aimlessly and reaches a ghost train. Roberta Torre, using a language between cinema and painting, tells the story of the ghosts that roam in Poggioreale, a ghostly set left behind after the Belice earthquake of 1968. 

11/06 - 21:00 - BIOGRAFILM HERA THEATRE | Pop Up Cinema Arlecchino


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Cristina Cattaneo

A festival focused on biographies can only defend and position itself in listening to and defending human dignity.Cristina Cattaneo is a doctor, anthropologist, full professor of Forensic Medicine at the University of Milan and she runs Labanof, a laboratory of forensic anthropology and odontology.

This award goes to her, for her work and her courageous struggle in recognising the profound value of the history of every human being. With care, mercy, perseverance.

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