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Winner of Bio to B Award at Verzio Film Festival

 2158 Stories 3

2158 Stories

Director: Ida Marie Gedbjerg Sørensen

Production: Tambo Film, Little Bus Production

Countries of production: Denmark, Hungary


2158 Stories is an ode to cinema inspired by the discovery of a notebook, in which a manual worker has documented the 2158 cinema trips he made over the course of his life. Behind the orderly notebook is a split family with a shared passion for cinema. We follow four of the notebook owner’s descendants living in contemporary Hungary and discover how the only thing that unites them is their love for action movies. We hear their reflections on cinema, having always been an audience themselves. What is cinema, if something above and beyond an artform? A way to travel, to live out one’s fantasies, to forget the mundanity of everyday life. A way to keep a family together?



Winner of Bio to B Award at Visioni Incontra

FICTION 2.1 inserita in montaggio20 Parsifal


Director and producer: Parsifal Reparato

Countries of production: Italy, France


SHE are the voices and bodies that narrate about labor in the Bac Ninh industrial park in Vietnam, where Samsung's largest industrial plant is based, with 80,000 workers.
80% of the basic workforce are women who have agreed to work 12-hour shifts, day and night, with very hard rhythms guaranteed by strict discipline and a thorough control of the workers, inside and outside the factory.
The villages surrounding the industrial park display suffocating architecture, useful for the survival of the workers, but insufficient for the development of individuals and families.
SHE is a mother, daughter, wife, single, migrant and settled at the same time.



Winner of Bio to B Award at Fipadoc Coproduction Forum

Kyiv Soloists indiefilm 01 1

Kyiv Soloists

Director: Trond Kvig Andreassen

Producer: Karianne Berge

Countries of production: Norway, Ukraine


On February 23rd, 15 of the Ukrainian musicians in KYIV SOLOISTS goes on a short tour to Italy. The day after, they wake up to the news that Russia have invaded their homeland. In the midst of the chaos enveloping, the orchestra decides to expand their tour across Italy and Europe to raise support for Ukraine. After 60 days they are given residency and work at Arctic Philharmonic in Northern Norway. They get a long awaited break, but are afraid to settle in. They don’t know where the road will bring them next, they are afraid to think ahead - the only thing they know for sure - is that they can play.



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