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A noi rimane il mondo2 

A noi rimane il mondo (Wu Ming And the Art of Radical Resistance) 

by Armin Ferrari (doc, Italy, 2022, 78'), World premiere

A documentary centered on the ramifications of the creative work of Wu Ming, the Italian collective of militant and avant-garde storytellers, and on the experiences emanating from their active engagement in shaping a different narration of the last two decades of Italian underground cultural and political struggle. The story of Wu Ming starts in the 1990s, when, under the pseudonym and visionary project Luther Blissett, they published Q, a historical novel that became a best seller in Italy and was translated into several languages, then it becomes a strange case of collectives and communities, emerged from discussions on a blog of novelists, exploring paths and landscapes, historiographic hoaxes, climate change, collective writing.



 Il canto delle cicale

Il canto delle cicale

by Marcella Piccinini (doc, Italy/Turkey, 2022, 67'), World premiere

"We listened to two kinds of music at home. Classical, when Dad was there. And De André and Guccini, who expressed our desire for ideals and freedom. We lived two lives. One with Dad and one when he was away: Natascia, Consuelo, Roberto would come then. The magic would start. You loved Don Milani's motto, 'I care.' You remained a teacher all your life. Now I see you on the smartphone screen. We all live in isolated bubbles that can’t take off and meet. I listen on a loop to the verse from a Patti Smith song, People Have The Power, I only listen to that. I think all the time about ways to shorten our distance, to take you out of that isolation that has engulfed you." One of many stories of struggle, and of the thread that unites people despite everything.



 Fortuna granda

Fortuna granda 

by Alberto Gottardo, Francesca Sironi (doc, Italy, 2022, 75'), World premiere

A closed world, surrounded by water, where all the inhabitants work in clam harvesting. It is Goro, at the end of the Po Delta. Here live the protagonists of "Fortuna granda," a group of teenagers enrolled in a professional institute created to tackle school dropout. The teens move around looking for their own space within a destiny that seems already determined. Through their eyes, the film looks at the adult community, at the fathers who wait for them in the lagoon, at the school that tries to tries to have them stay, at the future that seems to have been there forever.



 La grande opera

La Grande Opera (The Great Work)

by Corrado Punzi (doc, Italy, 2022, 97'), World premiere

A 4000-kilometer pipeline has been funded by the EU to transport gas from Azerbaijan to Italy. At the landing point on the coast of Puglia, the local community opposes yet another major fossil-fueled project, while the multinational company tries to convince the population of the benefits of the work. The story is told from both points of view, following three women: two activists in the protest movement and the multinational company's media manager. However, it will be the gaze of two children, sons of one of the activists, that will provide a different perspective. And as the Great Work advances between the sea and the countryside, the protest retreats in the courthouse. What are we willing to lose in order not to give up our ideals?




Nascondino (Hide and Seek)

by Victoria Fiore, (doc, UK/Italy, 2021, 85'), Italian premiere

Since the early 2010s, in response to a rising level of youth crime, the Italian justice system has operated under a policy that allows courts to remove high-risk children from families involved in organized crime. Such children as Entoni, a rambunctious 12-year-old boy, a mischievous but sweet fixture in Naples' Spanish Quarters. His grandmother Dora is determined to steer him towards the right track despite her own shady past. Featuring unparalleled access to the world of Naples’ suburbs, Nascondino captures the soul of a neighborhood that finds itself both maligned and glamorized. A mythological and spiritual portrait of a community's hopes and regrets and its search for redemption.



 Non sono mai tornata indietro

Non sono mai tornata indietro (I Never Went Back)

by Silvana Costa (doc, Italy,2022,80'), World premiere

Iolanda is one of the last witnesses to an archaic and pitiless custom: the handing over of little girls from poor peasant families to wealthy families so that they could be clothed and fed in exchange for their work in the house or in the countryside. Iolanda was the girl who served Silvana's grandparents, but she was like a second mother to her. Thirty years after her departure, Iolanda tells Silvana her story, from her escape to Calabria in 1992 to her return today, amid longings for freedom and unbreakable bonds.





by Enrico Parenti, Luca Gennari (doc, Italy, 2022, 65'), Italian premiere

Novorossiya was shot on the Ukrainian eastern front of Donetsk where the pro-Russian separatists had been waging a war against Ukraine long before Putin’s full-scale invasion in 2022. The future is uncertain, but in Donbass life continues despite bombardments flaring up at every sunset. This is just another day for an American communist foreign fighter, a captain nostalgic of the Soviet Union, an opera singer and two young metal band players.



 Nulla di sbagliato

Nulla di sbagliato (Nothing Wrong) 

by Davide Barletti, Gabriele Gianni (doc, Italy, 2022, 77'), World premiere

During the pandemic, 300 students of the first year of middle school were given diaries through which they could tell the meaning of the passing of time. Some of them were given a small video camera, to continue to tell their stories within the walls of their homes, where the individual space remains that of a bedroom inaccessible to the adult world. Their torments, confessions and dreams become stages of a journey, alternating with the reflections of their classmates in the classroom and the little big adventures of a daily life marked by isolation. A choral tale of a generation hanging between childhood, abandoned too quickly, and an increasingly uncertain adulthood.


 Rosso di sera

Rosso di sera (Red Sky at Night) 

by Emanuele Mengotti (doc, Italy/USA, 2022, 74'), World premiere

Las Vegas is the perfect battleground to prove if the American dream still exists. Three characters will try to live their dream during a delicate time in American history. Doctor Mike is fighting the menace of the health crisis; Mindy, a former B-movie actress, is fighting to become the candidate for the Republican Party, and Steve, a homeless dandy who lives in the drainage system under the city, is fighting against the danger of the incumbent rain. The American spirit of the need for freedom, self-affirmation and courage, is truly embodied by these three characters, whose ultimate goal is the only thing that matters, to be achieved by any means.



The Way Daddy Rides 

The Way Daddy Rides

by Tiziano Locci (doc, Italy, 2022, 50'), World premiere

Giulio and Eleonora, together with their 3 and 4 year-old children, live and travel around in a trailer bought with all their savings. Running away from the city, they look for seasonal jobs. As months pass by, a need to stop emerges as Giulio, has to deal with his apprehension as husband and father.


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