Bio to B 2022 - Selected Projects


Basilico - Infinity Is Over There


Director: Stefano Santamato

Production and co-production companies: The Blink Fish SRL

Country: Italy


Basilico – l’infinito è là in fondo will look back over the milestones in Gabriele Basilico’s career as a photographer: starting with the first photos he took as a young man, right up to his last works in the early 2000s. A range of different voices will guide the viewer on this journey. They include that of Giovanna Calvenzi, Gabriele’s wife and herself a photography historian, who now manages his archive.
The film will explore the theme of the city, of architecture and architecture photography with a group of young photography students who are working on an assignment: to look through the eyes of Gabriele Basilico.





Before the End. The Last Days of Enrico Berlinguer


Director: Samuele Rossi

Production and co-production companies: Echisivi

Country: Italy


The death of Enrico Berlinguer, the 'most beloved', as he was nicknamed, has indelibly marked the history of Italy. His funeral, watched live by over a million people and broadcasted live on extraordinary television, was the most impressive political funeral in republican history.
Before the end. The Last Days of Enrico Berlinguer recounts, through the sole use of repertoire and a point of view based exclusively on the detailed reconstruction of the news of those days, an event that changed Italy forever and the multiple endings that seemed, in everyone's eyes, to be consummated: of a beloved politician, of an entire party, of an idea of a country, perhaps even of an era.







Director: Pierpaolo De Mejo 

Production and co-production companies: 341 productions 

Country: Italy 


My dad was an actor, the son of a great movie star, an unreliable and irresponsible father and husband, a man out of the box. After he passed away, I discovered something more. In 1970 he was the lead of the first Italian edition of Hair, the musical manifesto of the Hippie counterculture, young people against the System, who rejected war and violence for free love and peace. In Italy the show shocked the audience with the first full nude ever seen on stage and fought against censorship and police raids. Those former long-haired hippies who wanted to change the world by putting flowers in guns, they will be the ones to tell me who my father really was, to reveal to me their and his dreams.




Fade Out


Director: Mattia Epifani

Production and co-production companies: Rodaggio

Country: Italy


Falling from the glory in the ring to the dishonor of prison, the parable of Loris Stecca: crowned youngest world champion in Italy’s boxing history in 1984, now a binman at a cooperative of community workers. After the triumphs that made his hometown dream, he made a fortune for commercial TV channels and made people all over Italy fall in love with boxing, following his defeat in the epic match against the Puerto Rican Victor Cajellas, Loris drifted into a bitter existential knockout. He ended up dragging his loved ones with him, including his brother Maurizio: boxing champion at the Olympics in Los Angeles in those same roaring 80s, Maurizio was, however, very different from Loris, both as a man and as a boxeur. Now that the lights have faded out, that past comes back to haunt Loris. And he already has his guard up, ready for this fight.





Fragments of a Life Loved


Director: Chloé Barreau

Production and co-production companies: Groenlandia

Country: Italy


What remains of us, in hindsight? In this documentary film, I will find the people I’ve loved to lay bare what it is that they remember. I have loved often in my life. And when the love ran out, not everything was lost. The evidence would stay behind, stowed away in boxes and in my memories.But what about my ex-lovers? What do they remember? What would be their version of our shared past?Through the words of those I’ve loved, I will attempt to retrace my personal history.Memory lapses and the settling of scores are to be expected.– I’ll take my chances.





Healing Images


Director: Andrea Deaglio

Production and co-production companies:  Malfé Films S.R.L.

Country: Italy


Eva Pattis is a psychotherapist specialised in emergencies. She has developed Expressive Sandwork, a non-verbal method,  which consists in placing miniature objects in a small sand-theater. The representation of emerging images in the sand initiates a healing process in the psyche.
In Healing Images we travel with her, among refugees from Ukraine, among Italian medical staff and children, deeply affected  by the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, among Yazidis, victims of the  genocide committed by Isis. 
And we travel into her past, in search of an hidden image, connected to a trauma in her biography, which reveals the deep motivation of Eva's choices.







Director: Marco Bergonzi, Michael Petrolini

Production and co-production companies:  Indyca

Country: Italy


Maureen, sixty years old, lives in a remote corner of Humboldt County, which for over fifty years has been known for its intense production of marijuana sold illegally all over the world. In the 80s, after crossing the country on an old school bus performing his country songs, she settled in the small village of Honeydew. A rural place, difficult to reach and about which there are some unfortunate rumors. Here you can buy land with little money. Maureen has two daughters, a large marijuana plantation and a lot of animals to keep her company. Thanks to her charisma and her eccentric but confident personality, Maureen becomes a landmark in Honeydew. Her property is traversed year-round by a surprising variety of people. Natives alternate with romantic hippies, wealth-hungry entrepreneurs or nostalgic lone wolves. All these characters, relationships and stories matured over decades of shared lawlessness and risk, make Honeydew a unique place. There is no lack of tragedy, historical friendships, solidarity initiatives, stories about the police and all sorts of events that cyclically come to interfere with the balance of Honeydew, especially now that the community is facing the impact of marijuana legalization on their land. Today Maureen is at a crossroads: will she manage to stay in Honeydew now that legalization has altered the power relations built in the past, now that her daughters have moved away? Or will she have to step back into the game? In any case, the most significant change is taking place on an individual plan.




Imola 1994 1

Imola 1994 


Director: Francesco Merini

Production and co-production companies: Mammut Film 

Country: Italy


At the weekend of the Imola's Formula 1 Grand Prix in 1994, the fates of many people intertwined: doctors, drivers, journalists, photographers, spectators... during these days several accidents occurred and, sadly, the epilogue was tragic: Ayrton Senna died. Senna represents the focal point around which the vicissitudes of these characters revolve. We get the opportunity to live those days once again, to feel the thrill of getting in touch with a myth of our time and to meditate about the meaning of his parable.





In Terram Australis


Director: Lamberto Mongiorgi 

Production and co-production companies: Manufactory Productions srl

Country: Italy


After an education in nuclear engineering during the Italian economic boom, Mario Zucchelli directed the construction of a nuclear power plant between the 70s and 80s.
In 1987 he took over as Director of the Italian Research Program in Antarctica.
For 17 years he was the driving force behind numerous international scientific cooperations, these include EPICA and CAPE ROBERTS.
Promoter of the Italy-France agreement to build the CONCORDIA Base, Mario didn’t see it finished due to his death in 2003.
With his broad vision, genuine exuberance and deep expertise Mario is internationally recognised as one of the major contributors to the studies on the Antarctic environment and global climate change.





Infinity - the World of Luigi Ghirri


Director: Matteo Parisini

Production and co-production companies: La Doc

Country: Italy


Luigi Ghirri, an internationally renowned Italian photographer, wrote regularly throughout his life. His photography is reflected in his writing, which is at the same time a poetic affirmation, an existential argument, a diary that questions the present times. Starting from his writings, the documentary will retrace the crucial stages of the photographer's life. It will be a journey to the places of the province, a study of lands, water, hills, infinite horizons. It will be a research on his photographic work, conceived not in terms of a single image, but as an alphabet in which each image exists only thanks to the others. The companions of this journey will be the artists Franco Guerzoni and Davide Benati, the art historian Arturo Carlo Quintavalle, the printer Arrigo Ghi, the photographer Gianni Leone, the musician Massimo Zamboni and finally the family, which represented for Ghirri the feeling of belonging to an ordinary but united community. Stefano Accorsi will give voice to Ghirri's texts.


Landscapes of End


Director: Francesco Mattuzzi

Production and co-production companies: L’Eubage srl, Samarcanda Films, La Société des Apaches

Country: Italy, France


In the midst of a society that is no longer able to deal with the notion of death, at that point where life starts to fade, four characters sketch an existential journey against a backdrop of confusion and consciousness: Santa, a tenacious terminally ill lady; Chris, a scientist who studys the incredible longevity of the naked mole-rats; Giulia a young writer terrified by the thought of death; Graham, an old man that hopes to bring a voluntary end to his life, with the help of ‘Sarco’, a revolutionary euthanasia device. Four personal stories that weave a subtle portrait of landscapes of end within the contemporary world, to give form to new ways of accepting our inevitable transiency.





Liber Paradisus - To Know To Be Free


Director: Francesca Zerbetto, Dario Zanasi 

Production and co-production companies: Maxman Coop

Country: Italy


7 libraries, 7 micro-worlds, 7 short films.
Liber Paradisus is an enlightening journey into the world of libraries, to tell the story of their importance, complexity, and beauty.
An intimate and personal observation, to describe many universes made up of passions, obsessions, friendships, and loneliness.




Mauro Rostagno


Director: Giovanni Troilo

Production and co-production companies: Palomar

Country: Italy 


Mutant Bodies


Director: Walter Bencini

Production and co-production companies: Insekt Film, Sky Arte, Cinecittà Luca

Country: Italy


A documentary in which great public events are reconstructed through the physical component of individuals for the very first time, accompanied by a private and public analysis. A historical account that explores fascinating themes constantly at the centre of our attention: virility and homosexuality, women and femininity, war and beauty, health and sickness. A captivating discovery of the Western body in the twentieth century, clarifying many aspects of history that have as yet been little explored and gaining an understanding not only of how we are, but also of how we will be.




Olhao or Nothing

Olhão or Nothing


Director: Gabriele Micalizzi

Production and co-production companies: The House of &  Dudes Originals

Country: Italy


In order to save the season - and the future - of Olhanense, a club in the third division of the Portuguese league, the team's management has entrusted the role of coach to Edgar Davids, who is a former Juventus, Milan and Barcelona champion. Olhão or Nothing is a six-part docu-series (6x25') that revolves around six playoff matches. 




The Return of the Wolf


Director: Giovanni Esposito 

Production and co-production companies: 20 Red Lights

Country: Italy 


Simone Giosso is a young Italian photographer a natural science student.
He has been focused on wolves since the day one crossed his path in a forest when he was just a child. The wolf has become his spirit guide.
He firmly believes that man and wolf can coexist in peace.
The more he photographs the animal, the closer and more like him he feels.
His new adventure brings him through the seasons ancient forests and mysterious paths, trying to give a sort of dignity back to a creature so mistreated by history and folklore fears.
The wolf is back. There must be a reason, don’t you think?



Sindrome Italia


Director: Ettore Mengozzi

Production and co-production companies: Bloom Media House, East Movies

Country: Italy, Romania


“Sindrome Italia” is the story of Zina, a 37 years old Moldovan caregiver that lives and works in Italy. It’s the story of her three sons that became like “orphans” back home, and of a strange Syndrome called “Sindrome Italia” that affects many women from Eastern Europe.
Zina has begun to experience the typical symptoms of the Syndrome including insomnia, anxiety and depression. While changing multiple jobs and constantly adapting to new environments, she struggles with the Italian bureaucracy in order to obtain the necessary documents to take her children to Italy. In the meantime, her kids are growing up and they find it difficult to live without the mother, especially after the premature disappearance of their grandmother.






Director: Anita Rivaroli

Production and co-production companies: Maremosso SRL

Country: Italy


Jehovah's Witnesses are a universally recognized religious organization. They live their faith daily, accepting a system of rules and principles to which they adhere in the belief that they will obtain eternal salvation. Those who do not abide by the rules fall into sin. Those who perpetrate sin must disassociate themselves. The cost of disassociation is high and irreversible: you are definitely erased from the world you were part of Including your family. The project is a human account of the individual journey of a former Jehovah's Witness who chose to live out his homosexuality and abandon the community, and his family, which had always judged him a sinner.


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