Award Winners


The jury of the International Competition of Biografilm 2022, composed by Chad GraciaInka Achté and Arianna Castoldi, assigned the following awards:


Best Film Award | International Competition| Biografilm Festival 2022
International Competition jury award to the best film in the International Competition

After a Revolution


by Giovanni Buccomino

A powerful portrait of family, politics, and war, this film tells an important story without obvious heroes or villains, winners or losers, good and bad. Exquisitely captured moments of beauty, bravery and resilience make this a masterpiece on the senseless horror of war and the ability of ordinary humans to survive and transcend it.


Special Mention | International Competition | Biografilm Festival 2022
Special Mention of the International Competition jury to a film in the International Competition.


ULTRAVIOLETTE ET LE GANG DES CRACHEUSES DE SANG  (Ultraviolette and the Blood-Spitters Gang)

by Robin Hunzinger

The film reminded us, in an reassuring and uplifting way, about what is at the core of the human existence, despite the decades, even centuries between us. The jury was deeply moved by this story of love and friendship which transcends time, social expectations and even death.


Hera "Nuovi Talenti" Award | International Competition| Biografilm Festival 2022
International Competition jury award to the best first film of the International Competition



di Máté Kőrösi

We found this timeless and authentic film about growing up to be fresh and original.
The jury was moved by the bravery and openess of these young people and inspired by their friendship. The director managed to open the door to these unique struggling lives, gradually revealing their fragile, difficult and ultimately meaningful stories.



The jury of the Biografilm Italia Competition, composed by Francesca Sofia AllegraAntonella Di Nocera and Anita Rivaroli, assigned the following awards:


Best Film BPER Award | Biografilm Italia 2022 
Biografilm Italia jury award to the best film of Biografilm Italia Competition

Non sono mai tornata indietro2


by Silvana Costa

For its ability to convey, through a personal story, the narration of a relationship allowing women of different generations to naturally and pointedly communicate with each other. For the simplicity with which the director puts herself on the line in a powerful and sharp narration, made of absence and separation, that makes us go through a territory and a chapter of our country's story. For the bold choice of pondering on the human condition of those who run away but remain prisoners, leaving to the viewers the room to ask themselves questions.


Special Mention | Biografilm Italia 2022
Special Mention of the Biografilm Italia jury to a film in the Biografilm Italia Competition.

Il canto delle cicale3


by Marcella Piccinini

It receives a special mention for the freedom with which it experimented and combined the lyricism of images and words with a thorough research on the sound and music. So much so that the film, although dealing with a very intimate and painful theme, turns out to be a delicate reconciling poetic act.


Hera “Nuovi Talenti” Award | Biografilm Italia 2022
Biografilm Italia jury prize to the best first work of Biografilm Italia Competition.

The Way Daddy Rides3


by Tiziano Locci

We like to think that the award to a first film is aimed at recognizing the potentials of a talent, which in the case of documentary direction, refers to the person holding the camera. In this film, the young director declares the choice of the gaze and its solutions – however instinctive – show his courage and expertise. Although the author is physically immersed in the narrow space and in the relations of a family, the film unfolds in its essence, without linger on, giving back rhythm and form to the account of characters who progressively disclose their lights and their shadows.



The jury of the Biografilm Europe Beyond Borders Competition, composed by Emanuele Di NicolaFrédéric Pascali and Massimo Lechi, assigned the following awards:


Italian Critics SNCCI Award | Biografilm Europe Beyond Borders 2022 
prize awarded by a jury composed of 3 critics from the National Union of Italian Film Critics to the best film in the Europe Beyond Borders section.

Beautiful Beings3

BERDREYMI (Beautiful Beings)

by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson

For its ability to extol the roughness and beauty of the youngsters' condition through wrong-footed narrative choices, which only appear contradictory, and for the seductive strength of the director's gaze.



Young Critics Award | Biografilm Festival 2022 
prize awarded by a young jury composed of 9 students from the Dams and CITEM degree programs of the University of Bologna to the best film in the International Competition. 



by Máté Kőrösi

By using an innovative language and welcoming an hybrid form, the film manages to get close to the life of its protagonists on tiptoe, sticking by them. The camera does not betray, but it feeds and explores their desires. A poetic, therapeutic and personal tale that shows the strength of documentary when it is a mirror of our present. A perfect synthesis of our dreams, hopes and fears. 



Bring The Change Award | Biografilm Festival 2022
prize awarded by a young jury composed of class 4 BGC of the Istituto d'Istruzione Superiore Aldini Valeriani of Bologna out of a selection of 3 films.

The Story Won t Die3


by David Henry Gerson

We have decided to award this film because it is a very encompassing documentary. The editing and the structure allow you to imagine the situation as if you were in the relevant place in that very moment, living those emotions. The story of the clash between the regime and the people in Syria is very interesting and the images and scenes are very modern and dynamic, accompanied by songs that rightly convey the intended feelings. Seeing this documentary gives you the idea of never giving in and living every little moment at best, as if there is no tomorrow.



Tutta un’altra storia Award Bologna | Biografilm Festival 2022
prize awarded by a young jury composed of 7 boys from the Istituto Penale per minorenni "Piero Siciliani" in Bologna out of a selection of 3 films.


Golden Land

KULTAINEN MAA (Golden Land) 

by Inka Achté

A very beautiful film, a beautiful and topical story of migration and a meditation on racism. Mustafe acted on the base of his experience, on how he felt in the past and did not want his children to feel in the future. He was insulted, he was called "shitty negro", but despite this he managed to integrate himself in Finland. But his land, the Somaliland, called him at night. And so Mustafe took on a great responsibility making a decision for his own and his family's good. The film makes us ponder on the difficulty of the cultural gap. It shows us two cultures that face each other. But most of all it talks about family, love and mutual support.



Barber Ring4


by Alessio Di Cosimo

We really linked with the protagonist, his inner strength, his ability to free himself from a very critical starting situation. Manuel is an eclectic boy and his life offers us convict kids food for thought. Some of our stories are similar to his, but this is not what counts. The important thing is the message of a possibility of deliverance that we internalized. We were mostly impressed by the unselfishness of Manuel who does not think only for himself. For him, success means obtaining the wellbeing of the people around him and not only his personal comfort.


Tutta un’altra storia Award Imola | Biografilm Festival 2022
prize awarded by a young jury composed of 7 young people from the Comunità Educativa "Il Giardino Dei Ciliegi" in Imola out of a selection of 3 films.

Barber Ring4


by Alessio Di Cosimo

Considering the situation he has grown up in, Manuel seems to be doomed. And yet he succeed, starting from zero. Only thanks to his strength and with no other, he managed to free himself from the difficult environment around him. In boxing, he found a way to escape his thoughts and had the strength to stay next to his dear ones in times of need. What impressed us the most, is that at the climax of his sports success, Manuel did not only think about himself and that fleeing moment. He built something big to offer many kids the opportunity he had not been given. 



Ucca Award - l’Italia che non si vede | Biografilm Italia 2022
distribution award “L’Italia che non si vede. Rassegna Itinerante di Cinema del Reale” and 1000 € to the best film in the Biografilm Italia Competition awarded by a special jury of Arci Ucca.

Rosso di sera

ROSSO DI SERA (Red sky at night)

by Emanuele Mengotti

For the ruthless and surgical portrayal of Las Vegas hit by the pandemics, for the choice of telling the story of three emblematic characters to portray the Manichaeism of the American dream. A contemporary western, with the weapons, the outcasts, the desolation and - in the backdrop – the endless conflict against someone of something in the daily routine of the Empire.



The Audience Awards will be announced Monday 20th June 2022

Audience Award | International Competition| Biografilm Festival 2022 
Audience Award to the best film of the International Competition. 



by The Myanmar Film Collective


Audience Award | Biografilm Italia 2022 
Audience Award to the best film of the Biografilm Italia Competition. 

Rosso di sera2

ROSSO DI SERA (Red sky at night)

by Emanuele Mengotti


Audience Award | Biografilm Contemporary Lives 2022 
Audience Award to the best film of Biografilm Contemporary Lives.

Nel nome di Gerry Conlon4

NEL NOME DI GERRY CONLON (In the Name of Gerry Conlon)

by Lorenzo Moscia


Audience Award | Biografilm Art & Music 2022
Audience Award to the best film of Biografilm Art & Music.

Gian Paolo Barbieri2

GIAN PAOLO BARBIERI. L’UOMO E LA BELLEZZA (Gian Paolo Barbieri. The man and the beauty)

by Emiliano Scatarzi



Audience Award | Biografilm Europe Beyond Borders 2022
Audience Award to the best film of Europe Beyond Borders. 

Working Class Heroes3

HEROJI RADNIČKE KLASE (Working Class Heroes)

by Miloš Pušić



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