Biografilm Park

Biografilm Park is the collection of outdoor events at Biografilm Festival which takes place every year at Parco del Cavaticcio with theatre, talks and concerts taking place daily. A cult location of the Bologna summer, Biografilm Park offers a rich programme which is full of concerts open to the public, also a food arena and afternoon activities for babies and children.



The music programme, the true heart of Biografilm Park, offers nearly three weeks of concerts which includes the best independent  and alternative groups. From 2014, the year of the 10th anniversary of Biografilm Festival, the music has been curated by Locamotiv Club, within just a couple of years it has become renowned for the innovative and eclectic events, spanning from rock to electronic it has become a reference point for the Italian music scene but also a launch pad for renowned international artists.


Biografilm Food District is the space within Biografilm Park dedicated to food, where food becomes another way of expressing the values which Biografilm has tried to promote since its creation: tradition, culture, quality, respect for the environment and socialising. Through an annual call for entries, Biografilm Festival chooses the best selection of local culinary delights alongside national and international choices.

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