Biografilm Festival | International Celebration of Lives is an international film festival, which, in thanks to the narrative and production opportunities created by the digital revolution, investigates the new trends of international documentary and fiction as a way to understand modern life and to look for answers to the big questions: “Life, the Universe and Everything”.

Biografilm was born with the idea that the story of life is a catalyst which activates questions and answers on the crucial issues of contemporary life, offering opportunity for reflection and
discussions around complex, current themes.

Over the course of recent years the structure of the festival has continuously evolved as it constantly seeks to dedicate attention to the most relevant and emerging talents and topics.

The Festival is committed to showing highly acclaimed cinematic works as a way to: encourage interaction between different generations and cultures, educate inquisitive viewers and provide professional training and networking opportunities


Carefully selected from the latest and most exciting international productions, Biografilm’s film program offers each year to audiences over a hundred feature length films including documentary and fiction, most of which as national or world premieres.

The program is composed by various sections, including tributes and retrospectives dedicated to unforgettable individuals that have helped shape our view of the world. 

The main sections, both competitive and non, are: the International Competition (an international jury assigns the Best Film Award and the Life Tales Award – the latter for the most inspiring biographical story); the Italian Competition (a special jury assigns the Biografilm Italia Award); Biografilm Europa (a special selection of significant European fiction features); Contemporary Lives (a rich selection of documentaries exploring cotemporary issues of international importance); Biografilm Music (a selection of premiere titles featuring music talent from around the world); Biografilm Art (a selection of premiere titles dedicated to the art world); Best of Fest (the best of award-winning films from the most important international documentary festivals); Storie Italiane (a selection of documentaries celebrating individuals and stories that have significantly influenced the Italian cultural landscape).



Bio To B | Doc & Biopic Business Meeting is the event that Biografilm Festival - International Celebration of Lives devotes to business-to-business networking between film professionals, with the goal of promoting and supporting Italian and European productions of biographical and biopic documentaries. The three-day program is divided into project pitching sessions, for which there will be a prize-giving, one-to-one meetings, in-depth panel discussions and roundtables.



Biografilm Park (Biopark) is Biografilm Festival’s showcase of outdoor events that each year brings to life Bologna’s Parco del Cavaticcio, offering daily open air concerts, DJ sets, activities for children, performances and parties. The music festival, the true heart of Biografilm Park, offers almost three weeks of concerts in June, which bring together the best of Italian and international indie acts.

But Biografilm Park is also about street food: Parco del Cavaticcio is home to the Biografilm Food District, where it’s possible to enjoy a wide selection of culinary offerings, including local dishes and international cuisine. Here, food becomes a way for sharing those values ​​that Biografilm promotes since its beginnings: culture, socialising, tradition and innovation, quality and respect for the environment.


Biografilm School is the innovative industry training program promoted by Biografilm Festival and Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna for young people aged 18 to 25 born and/or residing in Bologna and Ravenna (and the provinces) or enrolled at the Universities of Bologna and Ravenna, or the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. The training scheme is linked to the activities and guests of Biografilm Festival, and allows access to in-depth theoretical and practical experiences of career paths in the film industry.


In recognition of the strength of the local and national gastronomic culture, Biografilm offers every year to visitors and the public a wide range of excellent food and culinary products.

The Biografilm Food Academy is the space that Biografilm dedicates to food culture, which on the one hand offers Biografilm’s international guests the experience of savouring the local delicacies, and on the other hand offers the public opportunities of deepening their knowledge of current food and wine innovation through encounters with renowned chefs.


Sala Biografilm was born out of the years of experience of Biografilm Festival | International Celebration of Lives, with the aim of extending the passion generated at the festival throughout the year, thanks to weekly first screenings of the most anticipated films of the season in their original language in its three partner cinemas in Milan, Bologna and Rome.

The importance of providing an audience and a market for the films presented at Biografilm outside of the official Festival has always been held in utmost consideration.
This was the motivation behind the establishment in 2012 of the Unipol Biografilm Collection, a distribution iniciative that works to bring the best national and international films to Italian cinemas,
the main TV networks and all digital platforms all year round.

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