Biografilm Festival | International Celebration of Lives is one of the European leading festivals for documentary and long feature film. It’s a 10-days long festival taking place in Bologna, Italy, in June, with over 120.000 visitors every year. 

Biografilm is borned in 2005 with the idea that life stories are a catalyst which activates questions and answers on the crucial issues of contemporary life and offers and opportunity to study and discuss complex, current topics. Biografilm is committed to showing highly cinematic works as a way to: encourage interaction between different generations and cultures, educate inquisitive viewers and provide professional training and networking opportunities.

The festival screens yearly approximately 100 films, in numerous locations in the city for over 300 events in 10 days.

The focus is on new, European fiction and documentary films, which are character driven audiovisual works, showcasing current social and political changes in the society. Thanks to the narrative and production opportunities created by the digital revolution, Biografilm investigates the new trends of international documentary and fiction as a way to understand modern life and to look for answers to the big questions: “Life, the Universe and Everything”.

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