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Information regarding Ex Article 13 D.L.GS. 196 of 30/06/2003 (Privacy Code)

Under article 13 of the Privacy Code. The organisation Fanatic About Festivals provides the following information.

General Outline of the agreement

Data handling will be processed by means of a hard copy and electronically, only by persons who have been appointed and instructed by the rights holder, in accordance with the terms of privacy agreement, and will only to be used periodically to communicate information, news, invites, premieres, promotional events and cultural, cinematic, musical or theatrical announcements. The transfer of your data is optional, however in its absence the organisation Fanatic About Festivals will not be able to carry out the service requested.
The data provided will not be subject to dissemination, it may be shared with external bodies but only for the proper completion of the agreement in question and in accordance with the outlined conditions. The organisation Fanatic About Festivals is responsible for the processing of the data and has its headquarters in Bologna, via della Zecca 2, e-mail You may exercise your personal rights under the article 7 D.lgs. 196/03, directly contacting the person responsible for the processing of data via e-mail asking for a revision, cancellation or enquiring about the type and scope of communication of your data as well as the processing of your information.
Only if one wishes, expressing clear consent, the data can also be communicated to third parties who would use your information to contact you regarding events which are related, always and only within the cultural, cinematographic, music, theatrical arenas. Under the act of 23 D.lgs. 196/03

L’accredito stampa di Biografilm Festival è gratuito e offre libero accesso alle anticipate stampa, alle proiezioni e agli eventi del Festival secondo le modalità indicate nel programma e nel limite dei posti disponibili.
Ogni richiesta di accredito sarà vagliata dall’ufficio stampa. In caso di accettazione riceverai una mail di conferma.

Per informazioni, press kit, fotografie e casellario stampa è possibile visitare l’area stampa del sito ufficiale del festival e contattare gli uffici stampa del festival.