21 December 2017

Biografilm 2018: DON'T PANIC

For its 14th edition Biografilm wants to launch a message of optimism and at the same time honour the genius of Douglas Adams. The festival continues to establish its self as a landmark for documentaries by paying tribute to DOK Leipzig, but also offers a 360 view on current TV series with Biografilm Series.

Bologna, 20th December 2017 - the days between the 8th and 18h of June mark the return of Biografilm Festival - International Celebration of Lives, the cinematographic event that discovers and conveys the new tendencies of film and entertainment, while animating the city, as always, with a rich program of film previews, talks, concerts and events.

In a time when fear seems to be the ultimate topical theme, Biografilm wishes to shift this interpretation by transforming the unexpected into probability: the teaser title of Biografilm 2018 is DON’T PANIC.

The title evidently pays tribute to the genius of British writer Douglas Adams, in occasion of the 40th anniversary of the first transmission of the radio series The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy which preceded the fortunate series of novels written by Adams and published thereafter, which in Italy went under the name of Guida Galattica Per Gli Autostoppisti. On such an occasion, Biografilm wants to bring the most recent film adaptation of the Guide, the one directed by Garth Jennings with cast members such as Martin Freeman, Sam Rockwell and Zoey Deschanel, back to the big screen since it was last screened at the inauguration of the very first edition of Biografilm 14 years ago, for an unmissable event devoted to the search for the meaning of life, the universe and everything else. Don’t forget to bring the most crucial item to a hitchhiker of the galaxies: a towel!

Biografilm has never stopped questioning its mission and objectives, it has kept challenging its self in order to understand and interpret the great developments of the film world, while focusing on the changes in the ways it is experienced.

The festival does not abdicate its fundamental and recognised role as most important documentary festival in Italy, a role earned on the ground thanks to the previews it has been able to host of some of the most prestigious documentaries of the world, and to the constant presence of masters of the cinema of the real (Patricio Guzmán, Werner Herzog, Gianfranco Rosi, Michael Madsen, Joshua Oppenheimer and D.A. Pennebaker, among others).

It’s no coincidence that the homage the festival dedicates each year to other important international film festivals (Ambulante – Gira de Documentales nel 2016, Telluride nel 2017) will be paid this time to the oldest documentary festival in the world, DOK Leipzig, a prestigious international event celebrating it’s sixty-first year of age. The artistic director of DOK Leipzig, Leena Pasanen will be at Biografilm this year, presenting a selection of works of the last and previous editions of the festival.

In 2018 Biografilm relaunches the Biografilm Europa initiative born in recent years, multiplying its attention towards the stories and great narrators of contemporary times even beyond the genre of documentary.

Bigrafilm Europe, containing some of the best fiction films of european and co-euopean production, will not only be further valued, but also accompanied by the beginning of the new project Biografilm Series, a window on the world of TV series, a world that has proven its self able to produce high quality products and to originally investigate, read and interpret reality, to the point it has become impossible to ignore it as even Cannes launches a festival devoted to TV series in 2017.

Biografilm 2018 will also celebrate another important anniversary: it’s been 10 years since the birth of one of the absolute protagonists of each edition of the festival, the Guerrilla Staff team of volunteers (proudly sponsored by Gruppo Unipol), making the magic of Biografilm possible each year.

Just as the 2017 edition celebrated five years of Biografilm school, 2018 will indicate the ten year anniversary of the Guerrilla Staff and will be an ideal moment for the festival to greet more than a thousand young men and women, spread throughout the world, whom have given an essential contribution to the achievements of the festival and for whom the festival will be organising exclusive contents (events, happenings, meetings with guests and much more). The ex-Guerrilas who might wish to participate can apply to the celebrations by filling out the form on this page: http://www.biografilm.it/guerrilla10.

This reunion - similarly to what happens with american college students - will be an occasion to meet again or for the first time, to compare experiences from before and after their participation at Biografilm, and this way tell the stories of an entire generation.

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